Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Transgender Student Bill

Written by Kevin Webb

California has become the first state to pass a law requiring public schools to allow transgender students ‘equal access’ to the restroom, locker room, and sports team of their choice regardless of their biological gender. It’s insane that I even had to add “biological” to that, as if the use of the word “gender” is no longer sufficient. You can read news reports about this here, here, and here.

Before you proceed, I highly recommend that you read my original article about the progressive’s movement to undermine marriage, Christianity, and society here.

I wish I would have written down the names of all of the people that told me this would never happen. This has always been part of the pro-sexual confusion agenda, and don’t think for a minute that it’s going to stop here. This bill literally allows students to choose which restroom they use, which locker room they choose, which sports teams they join, and mandates that schools now disregard the gender of a student. Colleges are already starting to adopt this bill as well.

Liberals are once again throwing science out the window when it does not line up with their agenda, and then they rant about conservatives ignoring science. Hypocrisy strikes again, this time in the form of absolute stupidity. The left is doing everything they can to dismantle logic, natural law, and the family unit, and because of the silence of so many, they’re succeeding. What the left demands to be made truth, is truth, regardless of how untruthful it is. Choose your gender – whatever feels good, do it. Whatever your mind is telling you, follow it. I’m curious how long it will be before individuals are allowed to choose their weight or height. I’m a 5′ 10″ white male and I weigh 170-175. How much longer until I am allowed to be a 6′ 5″ black guy? How will these laws translate into government contracts down the road, since being female opens the door for more government contracts? Will churches soon be required to have transgender bathrooms?

Furthermore, if you thought that sexual deviancy and misconduct were bad now, just wait until male and female students start sharing bathrooms and locker rooms. Again, this goes back to the promotion of sex to our youth as outlined in the video below.


The job of progressives is simply to open doors wide enough for somebody’s foot to hold it open. Pass legislation that opens the door, and then BAM!!! You’ve created a passage that will never again be closed, and can be exploited beyond our wildest imaginations. I kept saying this. People kept ignoring it. I was even made fun of for suggesting these things are happening, and by the time they realize just how upside down the United States has become, and just how far away from our founding principles we are getting… it is too late.

America is the modern-day Rome.

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Kevin Webb


  • “and by the time they realize just how upside down the United States has become, and just how far away from our founding principles we are getting… it is too late.”

    Unfortunately, those behind the agenda are taking each step by degrees, which makes it more difficult for the average American to see the differences between each step. One needs to take a big step back to see the differences, and people are strongly discouraged from doing so in the name of “progress”. Yet it seems the changes are coming faster and faster now, like a rolling boulder. Or maybe I’m just noticing them more.

  • It’s easy for them to take these steps due to the different generations. We didn’t live back in the 50’s and when our children grow up, it will just be “that’s how it’s been since I’ve been alive”. The fact that too many Americans are ignorant and happily so, perpetuates the system and allows for these little changes to take place over time unnoticed. They just don’t care to educate themselves… they don’t see what’s happening in front of their own eyes!

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