Malaysia Flight 370 Theories, Questions, and Answers

Written by Kevin Webb

As of today, Malaysia Airline Flight 370 has been missing without a trace for 7 days.

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I’ve been digging around on info to support another theory regarding this missing plane. At this point, there really are only two possible scenarios that could have taken place in regards to the outcome.

1) The plane crashed (either due to pilot error, mechanical failure, or terrorism) and we’re not sure why or where so we can’t find it.

2) The plane was hi-jacked and landed in an undisclosed location.

So far, most of the search efforts and discussion has revolved around scenario number one, but what if number two is what took place?

Questions That Need Answers

There are three questions that need to be answered for number two to be plausible.

If the plane was hijacked and flown to an undisclosed location:


Cell Phone Jammer

1) How is it possible that there was not a single phone call made from one of the 239 people on-board while the hi-jacking was taking place? How did they contain 239 passengers from disrupting their plan (either in the air, or once it landed)?
• The U.S. military has been using cell phone jammers ever since the escalation of remote signal detonated IEDs. These devices were installed on hummers as well as on aircraft and would jam the signal from a cell phones in the area of operation where the jammers were located. In recent years, these devices have hit the black market, and are well-documented here, here, and here. One of these devices could have been smuggled onto the plane and used to jam cell phone signals from attempts to alert authorities of a hi-jacking. These jammers are very small and concealable, and from what I can tell, China has one of the biggest black markets for them.

• Another possibility is that a CBRN agent was released on the plane, incapacitating passengers. This would require the perpetrators to have the necessary protection, and carrying out a CBRN attack in close-quarters like that would be highly difficult and unlikely.

• There could have been enough hi-jackers on board to physically subdue the passengers. This is also unlikely because there were 239 people on-board.

• Lastly, the plane could have simply been flown and landed without the passengers even knowing where it was landing. It was the middle of the night, so a lot of passengers were likely sleeping. They were flying over the ocean through different time zones, and it would have been very possible for passengers to get disoriented on the flight. This possibility would still require that the passengers be ‘handled’ during and/or after the plane landed.

A follow up question to these points is how long the flight was supposed to be? If it was flown to an undisclosed location and landed, it would have to be timed closely so the passengers did not get curious.

2) How did they land and hide a 777 commercial jet?
• This would require an off-the-grid landing strip. Plenty of these exist. In fact, they exist all over the world – left over from old wars, shut down airports, and the right road could be used as well. How long of a runway does a 777 need to stop?

3) What state or non-state actors are capable of this sophisticated of a plan?
This is a loaded question for several reasons. Just keep in mind that prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks we did not think that 19 hi-jackers from a third-world country would be capable of using commercial jets as weapons of mass destruction in the United States of America.

My Original Theory

(March 10, 2014)

My theory (in a nutshell) based solely on the little pieces of information available to the public is that the two men with the stolen passports used this flight as a kamikaze test run for a new type of undetectable bomb.

We know that the passengers with stolen passports had their tickets purchased by an Iranian man in cash, so that’s enough red flags to point to terrorism. We also know that a Muslim aircraft engineer was on board.

They chose a flight that would be on open water at cruising altitude because they knew the plane would be scattered over hundreds of miles of open water, making it extremely difficult to recover the plane or black box. It’s likely that the plane was first hi-jacked, radar equipment and black box disabled, and then flown to an unknown location before the catastrophe occurred.

They also chose a flight that would impact several countries (9 to be exact), adding chaos to the investigation.

If the plane was stolen, there is a lot to think about. Landing a 777 and then hiding or killing 239 passengers is not easy.

What are your thoughts?


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