My Max Fitness Journey Update

Written by Kevin Webb

My Max Fitness Journey

It’s been 3 months and 4 days since I wrote my first article about Max Fitness in Columbus, Georgia, and the membership contract that I’ve been in for over a year now. Nothing has changed… well, except for the number of people that continue to view the article I wrote. As of today, that number is 3,229 and my number one keyword for the article being “max fitness columbus ga.” The articles have also received a decent amount of Facebook shares and I receive 2-3 emails per week from people facing a similar situation as myself sharing their story of frustration with me.

I’d still be willing to buy my contract out, but at this rate, it would take more work to do that than it’s worth. For now, I’ll stick to generating ad revenue on my website from their article. It actually may be working out better for me that way, and the revenue is now more than covering my monthly Max Fitness gym membership cost of $30.

Thanks, Max.


Kevin Webb

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