Dorco Pace 6 Men’s Razor Review

Written by Kevin Webb

Bottom Line Up Front

The Dorco Pace 6 is the best razor I have ever used, hands down. It wins in product quality, shaving performance, longevity, and price. There is no reason for anyone that shaves with a razor to not switch to the Dorco Pace 6. And in case you’re wondering, I have not been contacted by Dorco, nor do I receive any perks or benefits for writing this review, I just hate to not share such a great money-savings product with my readers.

Dorco Pace 6 Men’s Razor Review

I am not a cheapskate by any means, but I am always looking for ways to cut costs in my personal budget, while still being able to own and use quality products and services. As far as switching to the Dorco razors – I call these types of decisions ‘no-brainers.’ That means that even a person with no brain would be able to identify this as a good decision.

Why spend $600 on a SureFire flashlight when you can buy a Fenix that does the same thing for $100, and is proven to be just as high of quality? How about the Wal-Mart bags of cereal that use the same exact ingredients, but cost 25% less and you get 25% more at the same time? Sure, there will always be items that just cannot be replaced with cheap substitutes (like toilet paper and guns), but their are some hidden gems in the world, like the new Dorco Pace 6 razor systems, which in my experienced opinion is the best men’s razor on the planet.

In fact, it’s almost impossible for me to believe that my $221 annual shaving costs were just reduced to $52 a year.

Some men are lucky and can shave for three months using the same disposable razor and no shaving cream, while some can only get two days out of a high-end Gillette Fusion Pro Glide. Personally, I get a good five days out my Gillette Fusion Pro Glide before I can start to feel the blades pulling on my hair, leaving me with razor bumps. Calculate that with the fact that I shave five days a week on average, and the low-end cost of a single Gillette Fusion Pro Glide cartridge is $4.25, and it starts to really make an impact on my annual budget ($4.25 x 52 weeks = $221). Thankfully, Dorco has just partnered with Pace Shave® to create a new, high-quality, low-cost shaving solution for men and women. And to top it off, they threw in an extra blade on each cartridge, bringing their total to six blades per catridge. Almost seems like a wink back at Gillette’s 5-blade system.

Value: Dorco Pace 6 vs Gillette Fusion Pro Glide

Let’s take a look at the Dorco Pace 6 vs Gillette Fusion Pro Glide and see how the two compare (or how they don’t) so that you can start saving some money right away.

Cost: The goal for saving money on most products is to still be able to maintain some level of quality. The combination of quality and cost will determine the overall value. If I can save 400% on some new razors, but I have to used a new razor for each side of my face, then it’s not worth it. Dorco’s Pace Shave® razors absolutely demolish Gillette Fusion’s Pro Glide razors when it comes to cost. One Dorco Pace Shave® cartridge costs $1.05 vs $4.25 for one Gillette Fusion Pro Glide cartridge. That’s a $3.20 difference for just one cartridge. My guess is that Gillette is going to be forced into some price restructuring after the Dorco Pace Shave® razors increase in popularity.

To give you a visual, below is a photo of what $29 will buy you for both brands. On the left is a Gillette Fusion handle and 5 cartridges vs Dorco’s Pace Shave® handle on the right with 20 cartridges.


Longevity: For me personally, I can get 5 good days out of a Gillette Fusion Pro Glide blade. I have some friends that can get up to a month, and some that only get 2-3 days. I will use my experience as the baseline for all examples. I’ve been using the Dorco Pace Shave® blades for about a month now, and I can get 7-8 good days out of a single cartridge. I actually get a better shave too, absolutely NO razor bumps, and my late afternoon stuble results are delayed by a couple of hours.

Quality: The first thing I was anticipating when my wife ordered my first wave of Pace razors was that they were going to be cheap, light-weight, and have obvious signs of low-quality. I was expecting them to live up to the price I paid.

I was waaaaay wrong.

The handle is heavy, and has a really nice grip on it, and the cartridge design is flawless. The cartridges are stored in the same manner as the Gillette Fusion blades, and the shower carrier is very similar as well. If you stripped the branding off of both razors and had to guess which one cost more, the Doroc would be chosen every time without a doubt. Dorco wins this battle as well.

You can add Pace Shave on Facebook here.

You can read the reviews from Dorco’s website here.

UPDATE (12/23/2012)

I have noticed that the razor with the trimmer edge on it provides a better all-around shave than the razor that does not have the single-blade trimmer on it. I’m not sure if that is because of the design of the razor cartridge (it has more surface space), or if it the actual razor blades themselves, but I have done several trial and error tests to confirm it. The cartridge without the trimming blade feels like a less comfortable shave. It does not leave razor bumps, but I feel like the ergonomics of the blade on my skin feels better with the larger surface of the trimmer cartridge.

UPDATE (2/22/2014)

I’m still using these blades. I have yet to turn back to the Gillette blades, and I have had no reason yet to try another brand.

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Kevin Webb


  • Alright guys here’s my verdict: BUY IT!! After Kevin showed these to me at drill I bought some on Wednesday ad they got here yesterday. I was contemplating shaving last night or this morning. I chose this morning. It was a whole different ball game. Not only did it cut down the time it took me to shave but I didn’t have one single cut, mind you I was trying to, to see if it was cheap or not, but all in all I spent $28 and i can use a fresh blade every week if I choose too but in all honesty. It’s def worth the investment. It’s smooth and durable has more grip than Gillette in my opinion. I’m a happy camper.

  • Ok, got mine today, Kevin, your evaluation was spot on. Fantastic. For those of you who aren’t sure, do it, you won’t regret it.

  • Prices are even better there than amazon. And might I say, I highly recommend the “lady version” as well. 🙂 spend $25 and you get free shipping.

  • Just found your site and really like it. Got here via a p238 link on youtube. Kevin, about the razors, I come from the expensive brands and wanted to save some coin so I tried out the DollarShaveClub online. I chose their mid range razor, I think it’s called the 4X (they have 3 different blades). I was really impressed, actually beyond impressed for the price, which is $6 per month, and they send you a 4-pack of razors every month, right to your front door. Can’t beat it in my opinion. Is my Gillete Fusion Power a better blade? Maybe by a razor thin margin, but for the money it blows it away. Give it a try sometime if $6/month is cheaper than your Dorca’s, can’t hurt. I stick the money savings in my knife fund, it add’s up. God Bless!

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