Post Benghazi Hearing, Cover-Up Confirmed

Written by Kevin Webb

Today the truth about the Benghazi attack and the Obama administration’s orchestrated cover-up were officially confirmed by witnesses involved in dealing with the attack as it occurred. Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom, and Mark Thompson are heroes for standing up to testify on the Benghazi attack. Gregory Hicks gave a minute-by-minute account of the attacks as they occurred, which confirmed several potentially criminal allegations that had been made regarding the false talking points given to the American people by Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Jay Carney the day after the attacks occurred. The testimonies today verified that the American people were lied to by the Obama administration, and even worse, we learned that military support to save American lives was, in fact, called to stand-down.

I will highlight all of the key pieces of evidence that were revealed today.

Who Testified on Benghazi Cover-Up?

• Gregory Hicks former Deputy Chief of Mission in Tripoli & highest ranking officer in the region
• Eric Nordstrom, a former regional security officer in Libya
• Mark Thompson, the State Department’s acting deputy assistant secretary for counter-terrorism

Benghazi Attack Verifies Cover-Up

Here are some of the key truths that were revealed today. Most of these points were already known, but until today, they had not been verified by first-hand witnesses. These are not talking points or opinions. These are facts laid out today by the witnesses.

1) Cuts in Security Personnel
We learned from Gregory Hicks that official requests for increased security were sent to the State Department in April of 2012. On August 30th, 2012, just 12 days before the attack, instead of security personnel being increased as requested, it was decreased by 60%. To make matters worse, local security provided by the Libyan government was comprised of known terrorist elements.

2) The YouTube Video Lie
The YouTube video that Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama himself originally blamed the attacks on, turned out to be a complete lie. The entire panel today testified that the YouTube video had absolutely nothing to do with the attack, and that none of the on-the-ground intelligence even mentioned a YouTube video in its reports. The truth did not matter. The Sunday following the attack, Susan Rice went on five different Sunday shows and blamed the YouTube video for igniting the attack. We found out that this was a lie, and we also found out that Susan Rice never even spoke to Gregory Hicks before going on the Sunday shows. Greg Hicks was the second in line to the Ambassador in Libya.

3) Military Assets Were Available… and Ready
One of the first lies we heard from the Obama administration was that we did not have military assets close enough that could have gotten to the consulate in time to save the Ambassador or the Special Forces Operators that were killed. Today we learned that, not only was it false, but that it was false on several accounts. Not only were military special forces teams within an hour of the attack, but we also had Foreign Emergency Support Teams (FEST) ready and willing to engage the enemy.

4) Security Assets Were Told Not To Help
As a Marine, there is nothing greater that I would want to be a part of than directly being involved in saving American lives. It is why we sign up. Special Forces Operators take that sentiment to a much higher level. Gregory Hicks testified that as soon as he found out about the attack, he tried to activate a security team. The security team was on its way to provide security in Benghazi when it got the order to stand down. We still do not know what top-level official gave the order to stand-down, but we do know that the order was passed through Lt. Col Gibson. He has not come out publicly to testify. The assessment discussed today in the hearing was that only someone of the highest level could have ordered such a stand-down.

5) Ambassador Stevens Taken to Hospital Run By Al Qaeda
Ambassador Stevens’ body was missing for hours before officials learned that he was taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital he was taken to was controlled by Ansar al Sharia, which is the group also identified as being responsible for the attack. Opinion Note: This is the same action that was praised by the liberal media as “locals trying to help save the Ambassador.” Later reports released details that Ambassador Stevens was sodomized by a knife and tortured before being taken to the hospital.

6) Intelligence Reports Were Scrubbed
The lies regarding the YouTube video were originally blamed on “our intelligence reports.” Today we learned that no such intelligent report from Gregory Hicks existed, and that the original talking points to be released to the media were scrubbed of their original content.

7) FBI Investigation Stonewalled
As we learned during the Boston Bombings (and every Hollywood movie), if you really want to catch a murder suspect, you have to investigate the scene of the crime as soon as possible. Every day that goes by adds blurriness to the evidence and ruins the crime scene. We caught the suspects from the Boston bombings in 3 days. The FBI was not even granted access to the Benghazi crime scene for 17 days, and to top it off, there was NO SECURITY posted at the consulate from the time of the attack until the time the FBI arrived. That means for 17 days, the crime scene was polluted, looted, and ruined by locals and the elements.

Questions That Still Need Answers

We learned a lot today. We learned about the lies and the cover-up, but what we still do not have answers to are the ‘who?,’ and the ‘why?’

Why were security forces decreased 12 days before the attack after requests for increased security?

Who decreased them?

Why was a YouTube video falsely blamed for the attack by the Obama administration? Why?

Who scrubbed the intelligence reports and talking points that Susan Rice used on five talking Sunday shows the day after the attack?

Why were they scrubbed?

Who ordered the stand-down of our military assets and FEST team from going to Benghazi and helping, and why?

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