FBI & CDC Crime Stats & Homicide Data by Weapon (Resource List)

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Written by Kevin Webb

There is a plethora of crime and homicide infographics circulating around the interwebz that uses data from 2011 -2014. In the effort to make sure that we are using the most recent data available when discussing or debating the various weapons that are used during homicides, I wanted to compile a page of resources that can be used. There are a few notable changes that can be seen in the 2016 ata, such as the uptick in crime in 2016 (the peak of when police officers were being scrutinized by the Obama administration, mainstream media, and the Democrat party), but the homicide by weapon data trends are still closely in line with what they have been. I haven’t had a chance to go through all of the data, but below are the links that should be utilized if you plan on using such data to make your case or prove a point.

It is also worth noting that the FBI and CDC use different methods to collect their data. The FBI’s homicide and crime data comes from police departments that volunteer their data and the CDC’s homicide data comes from death certificates. The FBI’s data tends to lean more towards crime in general, with the CDC focus being on actual deaths.

FBI & CDC Crime Stats & Homicide Data (Resource List)

2016 Homicide Victims by Weapon
FBI Crime Statistics by Year (1995-2017)
FBI 2016 Crime Data
CDC Death Reporting System
CDC Assault & Homicide Fast Facts
CDC Homicide Mortality by State
Dynamic Crime Mapping

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