Common Sense Solutions to Prevent Gun Violence and Mass Shootings

Written by Kevin Webb

Most people, regardless of political affiliation, agree that we need to find some common sense solutions to reduce and prevent gun violence in America – as it relates to mass shootings as well as urban gun violence. The problem is that we as Americans have become unreasonable when it comes to having a conversation, and without an honest conversation, we cannot expect for anything to improve. We cannot change what we cannot even discuss, yet that is where were are as a society – both sides clinging to their utopia idea of what America should be. In the most extreme cases, there is a sentiment that those who disagree on ideas of security somehow care less about innocent loved ones being lost. To even suggest this is disingenuous, dishonest, and unfair. I can assure you that parents that own dozens of firearms and parents that cannot even stand to look at a firearm both love their children and want to do everything in their power to protect them.

This is our chance to come together on an issue that can impact anyone at any time. Below is an extensive list of solutions to prevent gun violence. Let’s put everything on the table for discussion and at least begin the process of taking steps for a better future for our generation and generations to come. This will be a growing list, updated frequently as time permits.

Before proceeding, I would recommend reading my article on layered security in order to have a better understanding of why some of these solutions are being presented.

Solutions to Gun Violence

• Gun Violence Database Development Analysis
• Fund Independent Research on Gun Violence
• More Secure Building Access
• Improved Background Checks
• Magazine Limitations
• Active Shooter Drills
• Mental Preparation
• Defined Mental Wellness Procedures
• Firearm Purchase Age Restrictions
• Addressing Violence in Media
• Preventing Broken Families
• Gun Safety & Education

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