Ron Paul: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

Written by Kevin Webb

Ron Paul continues to verify just how dangerous he would have been had he ever been selected as President of the United States of America. Yesterday (February 4th), Ron Paul tweeted the following:


Chris Kyle was a decorated Navy SEAL veteran that held the most confirmed sniper kills in U.S. history. Yes, he ‘lived by the sword’ in defense of his country, but more importantly, in defense of those he served with overseas on missions that required his over watch position to often take the lives of terrorists who threatened his brother in arms.

I’m tired of hearing people make excuses for Ron Paul’s decades of ‘misunderstood statements.’ Give me a break. The man is dangerous, and only now can his comments be excused by his senility. I understand that people do not like war, but you cannot possible hold sentiments like this and also claim to be patriotic, or pretend to ‘support the troops.’

Ron Paul tried to clarify his Tweet on a Facebook status update that read:

As a veteran, I certainly recognize that this weekend’s violence and killing of Chris Kyle were a tragic and sad event. My condolences and prayers go out to Mr. Kyle’s family. Unconstitutional and unnecessary wars have endless unintended consequences. A policy of non-violence, as Christ preached, would have prevented this and similar tragedies.

I won’t spend anymore time on this, due to the fact that Ron Paul is already deemed irrelevant and no longer has any legislative impact on the United States. It’s a shame that his reasonable policies were haunted by his terrible defense stance.

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