U.S. Marine Snipers Posing With Nazi Flag

Written by Kevin Webb

U.S. Marine Snipers Posing With Nazi Flag

The picture says it all, or at least most of it. A unit of Marine Snipers apparently took a photo with a Nazi SS flag placed directly underneath the American flag. The Marines are claiming that they did not know what the “SS” flag was, or what it represented, and I hope that is the case.

However, the flag showed up from somewhere… or someone. Who in the world has a Nazi flag in Afghanistan, and why was it placed under the America flag in the first place? I can barely accept the answer that they were completely clueless.

Knight’s Armament, a weapons manufacturer, says that “The ‘SS’ flag has been adopted and used by the Marines in referrence to ‘Scout Sniper.'” the photo of the Marines posing with the Nazi SS flag was originally posted on their blog (cached page), but has since been removed.

Every year there are mistakes that military personnel make, leaving commanding officers and military spokesmen to attend to damage control. Earlier this year pictures of Marines peeing on dead Taliban went viral, and it left a small black spot on the Corps. It doesn’t matter if you, personally, agree with any of these actions or not. The fact is that they are not popular, and for the most part do not reflect Marine Corps values.

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  • I agree with your comment.

    I find that units that are built up as elites, i.e. the SS which of course includes the SS units in charge of concentration camps or even the Waffen SS who were most like ordinary soldiers tend toward extremism. For example a famous canadian parachute battalion was completely disbanded after several incidents similar to what the marine snipers did here.

    I suggest that there is something wrong in this sniper organization. The snipers were also the folks seen peeing on the dead afghanis. The unit leader was among these as I am sure he is also in this photo that is causing such hearpain among the many jewish american communities and possibly in the families of the 200, 000 americans who died to rid the world of the SS scourge.

    I am sure that the fights are bloody and unrewarding in Afghanistan. The war has gone on now for a decade and this must wear.

    There will always be some way to deal with this pressure and this war. These events suggest that there might be some slippage in control or a feeling that these units are somehow disconnected from their organization. This development is dangerous.

    The critical problem when this happens is when this spills over into their function which is fundamentally that of support. For those depending on the support, it must be a nervous time.

    I note that one of the basic requirements for selection into a sniper unit in the marines is the following:
    14…..a high degree of maturity, equanimity, and common sense. In law we would say that this acts as notice and would negate a defence based on “I did not know”. It is a similar defence to also say “we were just following orders”.

  • Did you not see that the American flag was over the Nazi flag meaning we are superior? You took a part of the image and made it into a big deal. You left wing bleeding hear liberal’s are going to be the down fall of this country with all this political correct crap. These men are over sea’s serving our country and dieing you can slander them. Wow how patriotic of you.

    • John – First of all, you might want to poke around my website a bit more. You’ll find that not only am I a die-hard conservative… but that I’m also a United States Marine. Nobody is slandering them, but they need to take responsibility for their actions and wise up a bit.

      Kevin Webb

  • I do not believe that 65 years later that we should allow the Nazi Era SS have a trade mark on the lightning bolt SS.
    I think that those that are doing that are still paying HOMAGE and high REVERENCE to them. Whether the Marine Scout Snipers knew what it used to stand for or not, I would like to let the SCOUT SNIPERS use it as a symbol for HELPING THE JEWS by ridding this world of the ISLAM JIHADISTS. Some things are worth fighting for, even if it hurts the FEELINGS of others.
    Kevin —put it this way—You are a GUN AFFICIENADO and like GLOCKS. how many Glocks have killed innocent people? Does the G that is inscribed in each Glock Barrel need to be removed from Caps and bumper stickers.

    Glocks don’t kill—people do. The lightning Bolt SS did not kill Jews. The people wearing it did.

    The ones whom started this debate are looking for anything they can to rip into the military, at every chance and I believe due to Alan West’s popularity and the fact that he is a Marine, some will scrutinize that branch even more.
    They are not scrutinizing it to look for cracks in the value, moral standards of the Marines–but to draw the ire of the ANTI-WEST movement.

  • I support Kevin on this and I have also read the book Glock.

    I agree that we should not let the SS appropriate the runes. At the same time, I think that out of respect to those who died at the hands of the SS we should not use these runes. More importantly, there are still millions of people who live with the constant pain caused by these ss horrors. Perhaps when direct families are no longer among us should be consider what you propose.

    I am not american so I know very little of the Marines. I respect their idealism however and find that activities primarily by these sniper groups harms the world wide impression of this fine organization.

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