Time to Roll Again: Sleeves Back Up for the Marine Corps

Written by Kevin Webb

On 2011 October 18, the Marine Corps announced that Marines would wear sleeves down all year round when not in a combat zone. There was a pretty big uproar about it, and it was my single most viral article ever posted to this website. Military Times and Military.com even interviewed me regarding the poll that I published. The online poll that I conducted had 3,732 votes – 90% did not like they change, while 10% liked the change. I was a part of the 10%. I’m too meticulous – a perfectionist, so rolling sleeves can turn into a 3-hour event for me. Regardless, the Marine Corps was fair and listened to the 90% that spoke out against the sleeve change.

Today (2014 February 25), the Commandant of the Marine Corps announced that Marines will return to the sleeves up policy effective 2014 March 06.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

In a statement released on the official Marine Corps website, Commandant General James F. Amos said that “Because of the persistence of you, my Sergeants and Corporals, this evening I am publishing a MARADMIN that will return us to SLEEVES UP status when wearing our Desert CAMMIES in non-combat areas.   This will take effect on 9 March when we transition to our summer warmer weather uniforms.  Get the word out Marines.”

This should get interesting – considering the fact that there is an entire era of Marines that will have to learn how to roll sleeves for the first time. Boot camp will probably get interesting as well, especially for phases that are nearing the end of Phase 3.

Now, if only I could get paid on time, get my PFT scores put in correctly, and not have my medical records lost every 3 months…

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