Taking Your Phone to MCT

Written by Kevin Webb

Can I Take My Cell Phone to MCT?

This is probably one of the most asked questions I get through my website. The short answer is yes, you CAN take your cell phone to both MCT East and MCT West. Whether you get to use it is a different question, but I will address the initial process and information you need before deciding whether or not to take your cell phone to MCT.

Taking your cell phone to MCT is no problem. In fact, you’ll likely even get to hang onto it for a couple of days. During these first few days, you’ll be able to use it, mostly at night right before you hit the rack. A day or two into training, your instructor(s) will collect ALL cell phones. Some Marines will try to keep their cell phone during the process. I advise against this. It’s 30 days – just turn it in.

Make sure that you properly mark both your cell phone, your battery, and your charger before turning them in. My platoon was handed plastic bags, which were used to keep your stuff in, but you’ll still want every individual piece you turn in to be marked. If you have a smart phone, make sure it is in a heavy-duty case like a Griffin Survivor or an Otter Box. The box they get put in will get thrown around.

Using Your Cell Phone at MCT

Now, do not count on getting to use your cell phone at MCT. It’s very possible, but it’s better to not expect it and then be surprised, than to expect it and not get to use it. Some platoons won’t see their cell phones until liberty, or graduation day, and some will get to use them every Sunday night. It all depends on your platoon, your instructors, and your command.

If you do get to use it, it will be for about 10-15 minutes. The charger and wall outlets go fast so plan ahead – maybe gather some buddies to secure an outlet. Go ahead and call your top 1-2 people, make a quick Facebook photo wall update, post to Twitter, and then get ready to wrap it up. The time flies. Make sure that you relay any critical information to your family regarding your training or graduation day.

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