Marines Rake Leaves, Till Gardens & Build Orphanages

Written by Kevin Webb

Trained Killers Till Gardens & Rake Leaves

The next few paragraphs are going to be extremely unpopular, and maybe even a bit offensive. Go ahead and leave now if you already don’t like where this is headed.

In case you did not know, our military, especially United States Marines, exist for the sole purpose of defending our nation and winning wars through the strategic destruction of hostile enemies. In short, we kill bad guys and break stuff. I don’t think General George Washington was sitting around one day mad at the leaves in his yard when he decided to pick up his sword and mount his horse in effort to become the first significant leader of the U.S. military. He did it to win wars and preserve freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, I love community service and helping those in need. I would be the first person to volunteer to help build an orphanage, rake leaves at a church, or hang out with kids that need role models in their life, but that is not why Marines exist. What a travesty to have elite trained killers who signed up to preserve freedom and secure our nation against enemies both foreign and domestic, just to have them tilling soil so that Thai orphans can plant carrots and grow tomatoes. As much as I am all about “winning hearts and minds” is that really an efficient use of our military? Maybe, maybe not. It would be comparable to having Michael Jordan selling hot dogs at the Chicago Bulls games during his prime, or serving the other players Gatorade from the sidelines. It’s nice that he wants to do those things… but we all know that’s not his purpose in life.

I know the argument can be made that Marines need to manage their public relations, especially after¬†Marines peed on dead Taliban, and posed with a Nazi flag¬†recently, but those are some of the side-effects that come along with the type of hardened (sometimes unwise – even stupid) people required to get tough jobs done in service of their country. I don’t agree with their actions in either of these matters, but I understand that mistakes happen.

Marines Give Thai Orphanage a Facelift

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