Female Marines Move to Pull-Ups by 2014

Written by Kevin Webb

Effective 1 January 2014, pull-ups will replace the Flexed Arm Hang (FAH) that female Marines are currently required to do during their Physical Fitness Test (PFT). This change will take place in two phases with phase one being implemented on 1 January 2013. Phase one will serve as a transition period and is intended to allow commanders and individual female Marines to adjust individual and unit training routines to prepare for implementation of the new requirements. During this time, pull-ups may be optional, with the full implementation not occurring until 1 January 2014.

I’m 100% in support of this, especially if they’re trying to provide females with “equal opportunity” by allowing them into infantry combat and special forces roles, which I am NOT in support of. However, if this is where the Corps is headed, then females need to be doing pull-ups and not flexed arm hangs, and their standard should be the same of the males. Equal opportunity calls for equal standards. It’s a two-way street.

A perfect 100 points for Females will be 8 pull-ups. That same number will get males 40 points. This is not ‘equality.’

I’m all for equal opportunity just as long as it is accompanied by equal standards. But do not be fooled. This is really about political correctness, combat weakening, and where the Marine Corps is headed (and the military in general).

If the standard is changing to allow less from one group than from another, then fat-body Marines should also get a waiver on pull-ups, along with short Marines on the run, and tall Marines for the crunches. Let’s just find a way to categorize every single Marine for PFT and CFT standards and benefits. Then we can bleed that over into marksmanship requirements and job proficiency.

Sound the horn. Here comes the politically correct Marine Corps!

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  • Wow…if they want more “equality” with males and females, then they ought to just make the test for females exactly the same as the males.

  • Hi Kevin…glad to see you’re active again. My daughter and son enlisted together, and my daughter got broke & sent home this past Nov. 30, and one reason is because the small female frame is not built for running with more than 1/3 her weight on her back. Her profession as a cert. personal trainer prior to enlisting prepared her pretty well, but she hasn’t heard about this change in pull-ups yet.

    My son reports to MCT-East on Jan 8. and it’s already as low 27 degrees there. I copied your tips on keeping warm at boot,(his boot was a milder fall than yours…only started really getting cold the week of graduation…was a wind chill of 32 on Dec.10, grad day). Do you have anything to add for trying to keep warm at Camp Geiger? Also he failed to get his white cover, and I’m sure he won’t need it there, and I guess there’s a PX there now where he can get it. Or should we order one for him (he has the frame with his green wool) BEFORE he reports. What’s your take?

    Thanks for all you do, and I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

    Mama T

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