Marines, Don’t Forget to Unroll Your Sleeves

Written by Kevin Webb

In October of 2011, the Marine Corps officially announced their new utility uniform policy that would require Marines to wear their sleeves down year round. To my surprise, the article I wrote generated the highest 1 day view of any page on my website… ever. Around 3,000 people have voted on the poll asking whether or not Marines liked the policy change, and the results have been consistent. Ninety percent of Marines disagree with the new policy change for reasons ranging from it going against Marine Corps tradition, to it being worse for the heat. Only 10% liked the policy change, with reasons like reducing uniform preparation time, and loose standards on what a good rolled sleeve even was.

Well, it’s that time of year for Marines to swap the woodland uniforms out for the dessert… and don’t forget to unroll your sleeves.

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Some Marines had to purchase new uniforms altogether because they had cut and sewn their sleeves on with the roll tailored in.

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