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Do you want to personalize your iPhone or other mobile device without the bulk and inconvenience of a heavy duty case? If so, Decal Girl has got you covered.

There are an endless number of cases, covers, protectors and skins for smart phones and other mobile devices on the market, and each one offers its user a unique level of protection, style, and convenience. Heavy duty protection like the Griffin Survivor or the Otter Box is great, but these types of cases are bulky, barely fit in your pocket, often need to be removed for docking or charging, need to be cleaned frequently, and can cost five times more than the skins that Decal Girl sells.

Decal Girl Now Offers Marine Corps Skins

One of Decal Girl’s latest products are their United States Marine Corps skins for mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and even gaming consoles like XBOX 360 and PSP. The Decal Girl skins offer a variety of benefits, and my personal favorite is that they do not compromise the convenience of your device’s sleek design, and devices like the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry can still be easily carried in your pocket… all while providing a unique look to your phone that expresses your personality.

Decal Girl has done a great job on their Marine Corps designs, incorporating a nice fusion of Marine Corps identity and history for each skin. Each skin comes with a custom wallpaper as well. The code to download it can be found on the package of your product.

The Decal Girl Marine Corps skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl. The vinyl uses a special adhesive backing that prevents air bubbles from forming during installation and it leaves no residue when removed from the device. The skins are only 5 mil – or five thousandths (0.005) of an inch thick, and will never get in the way docking stations or chargers.

20% Off All Marine Corps Skins

For a limited time Decal Girl is offering a 20% discount on all of their Marine Corps skins. Just use the promo code “USMC20” at checkout. Offer ends May 31, 2012.

Decal Girl’s skins are extremely easy to install, and if you ever decide to remove or replace it, they leave no residue behind. Installation is simple, and I learned that the skins leave plenty of room for error. Installing Decal Girl’s Marine Corps skins on the iPhone was easy, but the Blackberry provided a bit more of a challenge due to the more curved design. Even with those challenges, I was able to install the skin to my meticulous standards in about 5 minutes.

Decal Girl iPhone/Blackberry Skins Video Review

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Why Buy Skins From

While Decal Girl’s main focus is high-quality, stylish skins for mobile devices, there are some excellent features and benefits about the company itself that also impressed me.

100% MADE IN THE USA. Not only are Decal Girl’s products made in the United States, but they also use a 100% U.S. citizen work force – the only skins company currently offering this. While this may not be important to everyone, I’m sure that most Americans and most military personnel will greatly appreciate it.

Best Price. Decal Girl’s products sell for, on average, $5.00 less than any of their competitors’, and their iPad skins sell for nearly $10 less than their competitors’. Price isn’t always the deciding factor for me, but it’s the first step in getting my attention. Quality and customer service follow.

Highest Quality. Decal Girl claims to use the highest quality vinyl made in the United States, which is still incredibly thin and easy to apply.

First to Market. Decal Girl was the original vinyl skins company in the U.S., and led the competition in extra features, such as offering free wallpaper on supporting devices, and offering both gloss and matte finishes.

Outstanding Customer Service. If you’re anything like me, then nothing drives you more insane then trying to ask a customer service representative named “John,” that can’t even speak English, a question that ends up requiring a game of Pictionary to convey your message. Decal Girl does not outsource to other countries. Their customer service staff is located on site at their Milton, DE office.

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