Marine Corps Boot Camp: Shaving & Sleep (Lights Out)

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

Originally written 11/8


Shaving at boot camp isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I have even shaved twice in one day a couple times. I don’t even use shaving cream. There’s no time. Wash the face, wet it good, water on my Fusion and shave in about 45 seconds. No joke! Depending on who the on duty Drill Instructor is, we might only have 3 minutes in the morning to pee, brush AND shave. Usually there is only time for 2 of the 3.


All of the recruiting brochures promise you 8 hours of “lights out.” Wow! The term “lights out” might be the most deceitful phrase used in their material. Lights out is from 2000 (8pm) to 0400 (4am). The lights are off for 8 hours, but the yelling might go on until 8:30 or 9:00, then you might have an hour of fire watch AND then the wake-up countdown starts at 0345. Add in “I gotta pee-wakes” and 76 recruits talking, coughing and farting… and you’re lucky to get 6 hours of sleep. The beds are fairly comfy. Of course, it doesn’t really matter after 16 hour days of non-stop madness. I still lay awake after most of the other recruits. Even after a full 16 hour day my mind can still roam. It’s the Hall in me.

By the way…I’m on day 21 of 89. Almost a quarter of the way done.

– Semper Fi

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