Marine Corps Boot Camp: Phase 2 Begins

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

Second Phase started sort-of slow. Monday we did final testing and initial drill. That ended Phase one.

Phase Two started with uniform fitting, including dress blues and getting my PFC chevron (E-2). Tuesday afternoon we got round two of our shots…one of which is literally a pain in the butt. We have been limping around for a couple of days now. Today we got our photo taken in the dress blues, signed up for our yearbook and purchased our USMC rings.

I bought the smallest photo package for $29 and the $50 ring. Only reason I bought the ring is because if I wait until I’m off the island they cost $200-$300. I didn’t purchase the graduation DVD package either. Possible waste of money.

We have nothing the rest of this week. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Hike on Saturday. Grass week is next week, rifle week after that and then Team Week. Phase Three kicks up after Team Week.

That’s all for now. Still miss my wife beyond what words can describe!

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