Marine Corps Boot Camp: Day 10 Of Training

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

Things picked up today on a physical aspect. We did some physical training for about 2 hours, ran Platoon sprints, took some Martial Arts and Bayonet classed and drilled for about 3 hours with our Assault Packs on. We took some First Aid courses, ate chow and we’re getting one hour of free time for the second night in a row.

Tonight’s chow was good. Ribs, pasta, Powerade and chocolate cake. The food actually impresses me.

About our Drill Instructors…Our Senior Drill Instructor (Sgt. Cheek) is great. He has a good balance of stern discipline and mentoring. Our rifle close order D.I. (Sgt. Snyder) only gets crazy when we screw up…and he is your typical (looking) Marine. Our 3rd D.I. is just INSANE. His job is to create chaos, sore muscles, headaches, etc. His name is Sgt. Blankenship. Right now it is still war mode in the barracks. We’re still being “broken down.”

There are 3 or 4 other married recruits in my Platoon and Platoon 1002 has a 32 year old (Holy !@#$). There are also a few recruits with kids.

2 more guys got dropped today. One passed out during PT and had to get the silver bullet in his you know what. He was dropped and is currently in the naval hospital. I think that’s 9 people we have dropped so far. We started with 86 in our Platoon and we’re down to 77.

Fire watch gets old. I have it 2 nights in a row this week. You have to wake up for an hour in the middle of the night and guard a post. I have it tonight from 2am – 3am. We wake up at 4am.

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  • I realize Cheek is a somewhat common name… but chances are good that your SDI Cheek and the Sgt Cheek that gave me hell when I was in bootcamp are the same person. I find that hilarious.

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