Marine Corps Boot Camp: It’s A Boy!

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

That’s right…I just found out today that my wife and I are having a BOY! God answered that prayer, and it saved me from having to pretend I was okay with having a girl. Just kidding. Either one would be a blessing.

I truly can’t believe the strength of my wife to be taking on so much while I train to be a Marine. So far she has sold our home, moved 200 miles, taken care of all of the bills and responsibilities… all while pregnant with our first child… our son! She has endured even beyond what I thought she could and I’m proud to have such a great wife.

Thank you to all who have been reading this blog and praying for her while I’m away. It means a lot.

She has also kept me stocked with new white socks and writing gear. What a commodity here.

Speaking of commodities…the forms of currency here at Marine Corps Boot Camp are quite funny. Cash means NOTHING! Instead, stamps, socks, paper, pens, CLP and boot laces are the new things. We do a LOT of trading here. A cookie at chow is worth 2 stamps. A bag of chips from box chow is worth some envelopes and pens, and I always trade my eggs for raisins. Forgot… toilet paper is the biggest commodity of all. Recruits will trade just about anything for a 2 inch piece of tissue. That’s why I had my wife send me 3 boxes of the nice Puffs Plus. Yep… I’m underground wit’ it.

Recruit Webb

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