Marine Corps Boot Camp: Day 28 of 89

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

This past week was a giant roller coaster. Low mornings full of pain, dirt and punishment…and then evenings of drill, letters and coming together as a team.

The training isn’t getting easier, but we’re adapting a little more. The yelling is just part of the routine, but our responsibilities and expectations are growing. Today marks my 4th week here. One month down and 2 to go.

Yesterday was still probably the worst day here yet. Our SQUAD BAY GOT TORE UP. Boots, gear, clothes, foot lockers…all dumped, spread out, mixed up and destroyed. 10 minutes to fix it all. About half of the Platoon has come together as a team. The other half still has the “I don’t care” mentality. Just selfishness I guess.

Our 5 mile hike went well yesterday. My feet are a little tore up from toting a 50 lb. pack for 5 miles at a fast pace. Some mole skins will fix that.

Our barracks feels clean for the first time since we’ve been here, even though we clean it every day. Today we bleached the floors with laundry detergent in water, so it smells good in here. Don’t be confused. Even cleaning is a workout at Marine Corps Recruit Training. Every recruit has a 6 inch brush. We duck walk the entire squad bay (every inch) and “scuz” the dirt. It makes for strong quads.

This coming week is “swim week” which should be cake for me. We do have about 6 recruits who can’t swim at ALL! I hate to throw out a stereotype, but five of them are black and one of them is hispanic. Why is this stereotype in existence? Anyone know? Seriously…I have no idea. Only 6 more days and Phase 1 is over with.

We have another recruit being dropped…simply because he sucks at EVERYTHING. They don’t play here. If you aren’t cut out for this, then they won’t hesitate to get rid of you, drop you back or even send you home. One recruit from another Platoon has been here for 7 months. They just keep dropping him because he sucks.

I’ve never been so muddy as I was on Friday. Yes, I just changed directions on you. The MCMAP endurance program was tough, muddy, wet and cold. I had a 1/8 inch thick mud dried to me from head to toe. Good times.

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