Marine Corps Boot Camp: Confidence Course & Chokes

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

* Note from the editor (wife) – This blog is a bit out of order. It was written on 11/12, however I just found it while unpacking the last of my things. Oops.

Today was the most adventurous day we’ve had since I’ve been here. It was actually fun too, except for the fatties who couldn’t complete the confidence course. I sure did do a lot of things today that I’ve never done before, including large/tall walls, scaling, fast ropes, obstacles, roping over water, etc. I had a blast!

We also learned some chokes and counter sticks today too.

The Platoon is coming together a little more, but the little kids still don’t know when to shut up. Our drill keeps us out of trouble. We are TIGHT on our drill. We’ve challenged multiple Platoons already (unofficially) and sent them packing.

Tomorrow I’m going to write the top 5 funniest things that have been said so far. You should get a good kick out of it.

-Recruit Webb

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