Marine Corps Boot Camp: Broke Off Platoon

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

Originally written 11/13

You know you’re tired when you feel like falling asleep during a quarter mile low crawl…in cold mud… in full battle gear. Our Platoon was “broke off” bad today. In other words, we went through the physical grinder. Low crawls through streams, puddles and mud mixed with fireman’s carries, bear crawls and lunges for an hour will make you hurt. This is on only 5 hours of sleep too. Today was miserable. Non-stop, energy draining activities all day. I was extremely dehydrated as well. I have never been this dehydrated in my life, or this thirsty. At one point, I actually drank our of a mud puddle that we had all crawled through. That’s how thirsty I was.

It wouldn’t be so bad…but…the entire Platoon pays for the weak, fat individuals who didn’t prepare for boot camp. Being fast is even worse. Being in the front isn’t good when you have to turn around and get back to where you just came from. Now you’re in the back!

Tomorrow is a 5 mile hike with our big gear on. Rifle, ILBE pack, kevlar and the works! Tomorrow also officially marks the 1/3 mark of this initial journey. Seven days away until Phase 2 starts.

– Recruit Webb

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