Departure For Marine Corps Boot Camp: A Personal Insight

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb
Delando & His Wife

Delando & His Wife

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to reach a lot of people through my blog. I get comments and friend requests daily from mom’s that have sons at boot camp, other Marines, recruits that just joined, and even high-ranking officers that have somehow stumbled upon my story. One of the people that I have met recently is Delando.

Delando is a lot like me. I don’t want to say too much, because I’m hoping that he’ll write a post for me when he returns for you all to read. He is joining the Corps at an older age than most people (like myself), he’s a Christian, and he is also married. Delando has some great first-hand video of his departure to Parris Island Marine Corps Boot Camp from MEPS. It is a great personal look into what it’s like to say goodbye to your family and friends, and head into the future of the unknown. This video is a great inspiration.

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  • This blog is very interesting. I’ve been reading it almost religiously for the past week, and have attained a great amount of info from it – more than I have gathered anywhere else. I was inspired a few months ago to answer the call and join the Corps. Right now, I’m still working on getting everything in order.
    So far, I’ve gotten an MOS picked out (0331), gotten a medical release for medication (at this time I have until June or July of 2013 for a year to have lapsed), and have began my workout routine. In addition, I’ve also been doing some studying – General Orders, Marine Corps Hymn, Etc.
    One thing that I have been finding different info on everywhere I look is Marine Corps History. Have you any idea where to find a more accurate account of Marine Corps history that will be most beneficial when I go to boot camp?
    Thanks for any feedback you can give.

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