Colt Marine CQBP A Waste of Money?

Written by Kevin Webb

I’ve been reading through different Colt Marine Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP) reviews since it was announced as the new Marine Special Operations pistol, and despite how cool I wanted the pistol to be, I keep coming back to one question – is it really worth the cost?

The Colt Marine CQBP is not really a new pistol. Sure, the Colt 1911 style Rail Gun is neat, and many people associate a pistol like that to military use… but not military use in the 21st century. I was expecting a lot more, especially with a price tag of $1,875 per every 12,000 piece order. The good news is that it couldn’t possibly get any worse than sending a Beretta M9 into battle, but we’re talking about special operators here. Can we please figure out a way to give them more than 7 rounds? To top it off, has anyone every tried firing a 1911 with gloves on? The trigger area is not glove-friendly by any stretch of the imagination, and while one might not be able to expect the glove-friendliness of the H&K Mark 23, they could have at least met somewhere in the middle like the Sig P220 Combat models. I would take one of those over two Colt Marine CQBPs any day.

The Sig P220 offers plenty of knock-down power, combat-ready features, more fire power, and a TB model that is already suppressor ready from the factory. To top it off, you get the outstanding ergonomics that every Sig pistol offers. And if that isn’t enough, the government could have saved around $600 per pistol! Do the math. That adds up to a 7.2 million dollar savings.

Sig P220 Features

The P220 Combat with threaded barrel is designed to meet, and exceed, rigorous military standards. The P220 Combat performs like no other .45ACP available. Each pistol features the military’s Flat Dark Earth finish on its alloy frame and SIG’s Nitron® over a stainless slide. Internal parts and controls are phosphated for extreme corrosion resistance and reduced friction while the threaded barrel is hard chromed and finished in Nitron® which easily passes the military’s accuracy requirements – even after 20,000 rounds. The P220 Combat also passes the military’s 240-hour salt spray corrosion test. Outfitted with a true M1913 Picatinny rail, vertical front strap serrations and SIGLITE® night sights. (Suppressor not included with pistol)


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