Christmas & Holidays at Marine Combat Training (MCT)

Written by Kevin Webb

Christmas & Holidays at Marine Combat Training (MCT)

I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently asking me whether or not Marines will be able to come home during Christmas. Hopefully this will clarify to parents how holidays work at Marine Combat Training (MCT).

Do Marines Get Leave or Liberty During Holidays?

East Coast
On the east coast, the answer is no. Your Marine will not receive leave or liberty during Christmas or other holidays. It is possible that they will get a few hours or liberty, and maybe an extra hour of sleep, but from my experiences, training still commences at MCT during holidays on the east coast.

One Marine said that “I was there for Christmas 2009 and training continued up into that day, we had the day off from training but no libo. We were stuck in a classroom watching movies and getting food from the USO. This was also at the end of your training cycle though.”

West Coast
Maybe. Marines going through MCT on the west coast frequently get leave or liberty on the weekends because their training schedule is different from the east coast due to them having less travel to each MCT training event. More specifically, the ranges are close to their barracks and they do not have to hike to them each day like the east coast does.

Marines will not necessarily receive leave or liberty because of a holiday, but it is possible that leave or liberty will fall near a holiday. For example, Marines attending MCT at Camp Pendleton did not receive Thanksgiving leave or liberty, but they did get liberty that weekend.

Below is the announcement that they made on their Facebook page.

“Kilo Co will have liberty from approximately 1330 (1:30pm) on Saturday 3 Dec 11 until 1630 (4:30pm) on Sunday 4 Dec 11”

Sick Bay Platoon
As far as I know, Marines in sick bay do not receive any special privileges during the holidays unless specifically granted by their training command.

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