Soldier Quits Marine Boot Camp & Joins the Army

Written by Kevin Webb

Soldier Quits Marine Boot Camp & Joins the Army

Here is a soldier’s first-hand experience about Marine Corps Boot Camp and why he couldn’t hack it, had to quit, and then join the Army. The entire video is worth the watch, and his experience and attitude is typical of someone who did not have what it took to succeed at Marine Corps Boot Camp. There is more information regarding this topic provided in my Marines vs Army article.

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Video: Soldier Says “Don’t Join the Marine”

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  • That’s why The USMC is the FEW and the PROUD! To be the best you must first endure the worst!! People like him just want the title of a United States MARINE but isn’t willing to do what it takes to earn that title! If he can’t take instructions at boot camp, how will he take instructions on the battlefield? USMC – The Few and The Proud!
    Semper Fidelis- “Always Faithful.”

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