Marine Corps Boot Camp Matrix & Schedule

Written by Kevin Webb

Marine Corps Boot Camp Matrix & Schedule

Below is the three-phase Marine Corps Boot Camp training matrix for Parris Island. I am working on re-designing these Marine Corps Boot Camp schedules to make them easier to read.


Boot Camp Phase 1 Schedule



Boot Camp Phase 2 Schedule



Boot Camp Phase 3 Schedule



Boot Camp Phase 1, 2 & 3

P=Physical F=Forming T=Training S=Sunday L=Lead F=Follow

Week 1: Forming

Monday Receiving, Dental, Medical, Gear Issue, Barracks Introduction
Tuesday Receiving, Dental, Medical, Gear Issue
Wednesday Receiving, Dental, Medical
Thursday P1: Receiving
Friday P2: Male IST, Female Pick-Up
Saturday P3: Female IST, Male Pick-Up
Sunday F1: Forming, Meet Drill Instructors

Week 2: Forming, Classes

Monday F2: Forming
Tuesday T1: Intro to USMC Values, Ethics, MCMAP, UCMJ, Interior Guard
Wednesday T2: Combat Conditioning, Punches, Customs & Courtesies
Thursday T3: Combat Conditioning, Bayonet Techniques, First Aid I, USMC Uniforms
Friday T4: Combat Conditioning, Spiritual Readiness, USMC History, Discussion
Saturday T5: Combat Conditioning, Commitment, First Aid II, Discussion
Sunday S1: Chapel, Prac App: Interior Guard, First Aid, Customs, Discussion

Week 3: Pugil Sticks

Monday T6: Pugil Sticks, Lower Body Strikes, Problem Solving, Courage, Discussion, Direct Deposit (L)
Tuesday T7: Combat Conditioning, Upper Body Strikes, Discussion, Direct Deposit (F)
Wednesday T8: USMC History, USMC Mission, Honor, Code of Conduct, Leadership
Thursday T9: Combat Conditioning, First Aid III, Falls/Leg Sweeps, Discussion
Friday T10: Small Unit Leadership, Law of Land Warfare, Equal Opportunity, First Aid Prac App, Discussion
Saturday T11: 5km Conditioning March, Falls/Leg Sweep (F), First Aid IV, Interior Guard II, Discussion
Sunday S2: Chapel, Drill, First Aid Prac App, Discussion

Week 4: Obstacle Course

Monday T12: O’ Course, Knife Techniques, Armed Manipulations, First Aid V, USMC History
Tuesday T13: Pugil Sticks II, Counter Chokes/Holds, Sexual Harassment, Substance Abuse, First Aid VI, Discussion
Wednesday T14: Combat Conditioning, Counter Strikes/Chokes, First Aid Prac App, Discussion
Thursday T15: Combat Conditioning, Confidence Course I, Discussion
Friday T16: Combat Conditioning, Confidence Course I, USMC History, Suicide Prevention, Discussion
Saturday T17: 8km Conditioning March, Hazing, USMC History, SDI Inspection
Sunday S3: Chapel, Drill, Discussion

Week 5: Swim Week

Monday T18: Unarmed Manipulations, USMC History, Intro to ORM, Education Benefits
Tuesday T19: Swim Qual
Wednesday T20: Swim Qual, Combat Conditioning
Thursday T21: Swim Qual, Obstacle Course II (F)
Friday T22: Swim Qual, MCMAP Test
Saturday T23: Combat Conditioning (F), Obstacle Course II (L), Pugil Sticks III, Discussion
Sunday S4: Chapel, Drill, Discussion

Week 6: Obstacle Course

Monday T24: Initial Written Test, Rappelling, Fast Rope, M40 Gas Mask, Gas Chamber
Tuesday T25: Initial Drill, Initial Travel, Civilian Attire, Personal Appearance
Wednesday T26: Combat Conditioning (L), 0-2 Clothing (F), Photos (L)
Thursday T27: Combat Conditioning (F), 0-2 Clothing (L), Photos (F)
Friday T28: Inoculation – 2, Thrift Savings Plan
Saturday T29: 10km Conditioning March, Discussion
Sunday S5: Chapel, Drill, Discussion

Week 7: Grass Week (Rifle Range)

Monday T30: Shooting Positions, Combat Conditioning,
Tuesday T31: Shooting Positions, ISMT Exercise
Wednesday T32: Shooting Positions
Thursday T33: Shooting Positions, MCMAP Endurance, 36 Yard Grouping
Friday T34: Shooting Positions
Saturday T35: Initial PFT, Discussion
Sunday S6: Chapel, Discussion

Week 8: Table 1 Firing Week

Monday T36: Shooting Live Fire
Tuesday T37: Shooting Live Fire, Combat Conditioning
Wednesday T38: Shooting Live Fire, Obstacle Course III
Thursday T39: Shooting Live Fire, Rifle Pre-Qualify
Friday T40: Shooting Live Fire, Rifle Qualification Day
Saturday T41: 12km Conditioning March, USMC Museum Tour, Foreign Language Program
Sunday S7: Chapel, Drill, Discussion, Clothing & Equipment Maintenance

Week 9: Team Week

Monday T42: Interior Guard Prac App
Tuesday T43: Obstacle Course, Interior Guard Prac App (L)
Wednesday T44: Obstacle Course, Interior Guard Prac App (F)
Thursday T45: Final Travel, Interior Guard Prac App (L)
Friday T46: Final Travel (F)
Saturday T47: Combat Conditioning, Co Commander’s Inspection, Discussion
Sunday S8: Chapel, Drill, Field Sanitation, Camo Cover, Concealment, Prep for Field Shelters

Week 10: Basic Warrior Training & Table 2 Firing

Monday T48: Table 2 Classes – Guardian Angel (L), BWT – Movement Course, Hand & Arm Signals, IED (F)
Tuesday T49: Table 2 Firing (L), BWT – Land Navigation, Combat Leadership (F)
Wednesday T50: Table 2 Qualification (L), Table 2 Classes – Guardian Angel
Thursday T51: BWT – Movement Course, Hand & Arm Signals, IED (L). Table 2 Firing (F)
Friday T52: BWT – Land Navigation, Combat Leadership (L), Table 2 Qualification (F)
Saturday T53: Combat Endurance Course, Discussion
Sunday S9: Chapel, Drill, Red Cross Blood Drive, Discussion

Week 11: Clothing, Prac App Testing

Monday T54: O-3 CLothing (L), Confidence Course II (F), Map Skills & Land Navigation (F)
Tuesday T55: O-3 CLothing (F), Confidence Course II (L), Map Skills & Land Navigation (F)
Wednesday T56: Combat Conditioning (F), Evaluation (L), Operational Culture, Terrorism Awareness, OpSec/CommSec
Thursday T57: Combat Conditioning (L), Evaluation (F), Fraternization, Sexual Assault, Sexual Responsibility, Marriage
Friday T58: Prac App Testing, Personal Assistance (L), Intro to Mentoring (L), Military Career (L), Discussion
Saturday T59: Field Meet, Personal Assistance (F), Intro to Mentoring (F), Military Career (F), Discussion
Sunday S10: Chapel, Drill, Discussion

Week 12: Final PFT & Crucible

Monday T60: Final PFT, FInal Written Test, Driver Safety, Crucible Screening
Tuesday T61: Platoon Photo, Discussion, Crucible Appointment
Wednesday T62: Final Drill, Leave & Liberty Class, Discussion
Thursday T63: 10km March, Core Values Stations, Warrior Stations, 8km Night March
Friday T64: Core Values Stations, Warrior Stations, Night Assault Course
Saturday T65: 15km March, Emblem Ceremony, Warriors Breakfast, Promotion Ceremony
Sunday S11: Chapel, Recruit Liberty, Warrior Preservation

Week 13: Final Inspection & Graduation

Monday T66: Financial Responsibility, Initial Gear Turn-In, Orders, Personal Effects Pick-Up
Tuesday T67: BNCo’s Inspection (L), Weapons Turn-In (L), Pay Bills (F), Discussion
Wednesday T68: BNCo’s Inspection (F), Weapons Turn-In (F), Pay Bills (L, Discussion
Thursday T69: Motivation Run, Family Day, SOI 5 Paragraph Order, Discussion

About the author

Kevin Webb


  • The schedule has been a subject of interest for me, however I’m interested in attempting to find out the actual daily schedule (5am to lights out, firewatch) with estimates of sleep hours/night, time to eat, etc.

  • The actual times of reveille to lights out depends on what time of year you go through boot camp. As for the firewatch, when I went through, firewatch was for an hour on a rotating, two or three recruit schedule. They are required to give you 8 hours of “sleep” every night so if you do the math, that means you would end up with firewatch once every 4 or 5 days with an 80 man platoon (not to include any “special” watches). As far as eating goes, let’s just say that I learned to eat very fast. The daily schedule is generally broken down into … wake up; PT monday, wednesday, friday; breakfast; training for the day; lunch; more training for the day; dinner; still more training for the day; lights out. Every minute of every day has been planned out for the entire 3 months that you are there. That’s not to say that things can’t be interfered with or take longer than they are supposed to take. That just means that the more “flexible” spots in the training day are shortened. I hope this information helps you.

  • I love this schedule. My fiancé (we’ve been together 2 years in April, getting married June, 2013) left for boot camp a week and 3 days ago and I look at this everyday just to see what he’s doing. It’s nice how it’s set up and for the most part very easy to follow. Everyday I text his mom that days schedule right from the site to keep her updated. She doesn’t have time to check daily.

  • What do “MCAP”, “ORM”, “IST”, and “BWT” stand for in the Matrix? Also, “L” is for “Lead” and “F” is for “Follow.” Does this mean these are 2-part sessions meaning a recruit receives the 1st part (L=Lead) and later the 2nd part (F=Follow)?

    • MCMAP – Marine Corps Martial Arts
      ORM – Operational Risk Management
      IST – Initial Strength Test
      BWT – Basic Warrior Training

      In regards to Lead and Follow, you are correct. For example, one a Monday, the Lead series would do MCMAP in the morning while Follow did the obstacle course. The next day they would switch. It allows the platoons to train constantly without multiple series’ interrupting.

      Kevin Webb

  • My son is a marine recruit – my only child – so i have been searching the internet to get all the information I can to find out what he doing. I appreciate all the hard work and effort that has been put into this website of information.

  • Your detailed description of the training matrix has been my lifetime for thirteen weeks. I have started each and every morning reading what challenges my son will face. It is with great pleasure, as I type this message from Beaufort, SC (right outside of Parris Island, SC) that I am checking this schedule for the last time. Tomorrow morning is Graduation Day!!

    I am certain that I will visit your informative site often, and I thank you for all of your time and effort.

  • Hi Sgt. Webb:
    We have two recruits at PI right now: our daughter, 22, and our son, 18, and they are on TD 17 today. Your information is so much more informative than other sites I’ve seen, and when I can’t get in touch with our Marine friends who are either in MOS school or in the fleet already, I’ll be referring to your archives, believe me. Please don’t take this blog down before my kids graduate (God willing) on Dec. 7, 2012! I’ll be reading the Political Boot as well.

    Thanks so much, for this blog, and for your service to our great Country.

    All the best,
    Sarah “Mama T.” Triton

  • Thanks for posting this matrix!! I’ve heard about it from other Marine Recruit parents but hadn’t been able to find it. I will definitely be referring to it every day to keep up on what my boy is doing. Thanks so much!!!

  • This is quite cool. What do these tiny teeth in the matrix mean? The opportunity to see a dentist? Exercises that require teeth protection gear? 😉
    Still, thanks a bunch for all the information on this site.

  • God bless and thank you for serving our country and your service to parents of recruits. There are several very good websites for parents of Marines – but your sight and exactly what I was hoping and praying I’d find.

    Blessings to you Kevin Webb!

  • Thank you for this information our son Rct Espinola Diego L. Is in T 40 today and now i can explain my wife much better what s he doing every day we are so proud of him first generation Marine in our family, we knew sonce he was little that one day he was going to be in this stage of his life and now we are confident that he will conduct himself properly ahead in his life we are looking forward to graduation day september 13, 2013

  • Mr and Mrs Espinola your son graduates the same day my friend graduates. Hope you guys see this and I know you are equaly as proud as I am of my friend :).

    P.s this is a great matrix my boyfriend graduates the 6th of September a week before my friend thank you for posting this :).

  • My boyfriend left June 23rd and with much relief will step foot off base September 20th ! This training matrix has giving me something to do everyday and it’s really nice to know what he’s doing everyday 🙂 I’m so proud of you <3

  • Thanks you Sir, for having this website know i can monitor my son Jeffrey Alindada activities … My God Bless you all and your family. God be with us always.

    Proud parents,
    Bella Mabait

  • This website is SO helpful. Not only do you show what goes on daily but an explanation of the different “terms” helps so much as well. My son is in his first week of camp with a long way to go. This will help me to be “with” him as he works toward his goal of becoming a Marine. My best to all recruits and families of those who serve – what a amazing group of men and women.

    Thank you to all ~

  • Thank you for posting this! My daughter and her husband shipped out Monday the 23rd. It helps me to see what they may be doing. Both of them are at Parris Island.

  • Thank you so much for your info Sir! My son is on his first week at Parris Island. He was shipped on Monday July 21, 2014. I waited all day for the phone call which arrived on Tuesday morning at 2:00 am. I was surprised to know that he was up still at that time when he was picked up at 5:00 from Stated Island. When do they get to write their first letters home? I am so anxious to read about his whereabouts. Do they socialize with one another at all? They appear so serious all the time and seem like they can’t even look at each other. As much as I have been watching the videos and read about the daily activities, I am very concerned and scared. My son doesn’t know how to swim and his main concern was about swimming week. When I see how they have to jump into this deep water, it worries me a lot.

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