Marine Corps Boot Camp: Top 5 Worst (originally written 11/7)

Marine Corps Letters From Boot Camp
Written by Kevin Webb

Okay, so here’s my top 5 “things” you need to know about Marine Corps Boot Camp. Some good, some bad…and some tips in case you ever decide to join the fight. They are all compiled into “top 5” lists.


It just gets annoying. Today we did a 3 mile hike in full gear; assault pack, rifle, moon beam (flashlight), canteen, camis, boots, etc. The hike was a walk in the park. The part that sucked was having to SCREAM General Orders, Rank Structure, and Marine Corps history the entire time.

2. Sitting Indian-Style…EVERYWHERE!

Even after 3 weeks it still hurts. Don’t get confused. It hurts because we sit that way for hours at a time without being able to move…with our backs straight and our hands on our knees. Any time we sit we’re in this position. It does have a purpose though. It is getting us ready for rifle week when we will be shooting from that position.

3. Only 3 Meals

I’m a big eater, a midnight eater, and a big snacker. Only 3 meals sucks and I’ve already dropped from 170 lbs to 160.

4. Always Having to Pee

They tell us to drink 12 canteens a day to avoid heat stroke or passing out and then they deny us bathroom breaks left and right. If you do get a bathroom break you’re in a porta-pot with another recruit and a D.I. yelling at you or you’re doing push-ups to earn it. I drink minimally, but stay safe. Timing is key. Drink a lot when you know open breaks are on the schedule (like during class).

5. Mornings…In General

Getting up at 4am isn’t bad, but having to wake up and immediately start yelling and running around is annoying. It really makes me appreciate home. I can’t wait to get back! The sleep schedule hasn’t really affected me outside of that.

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