Marine Combat Training (MCT) Graduation & Visitors Information

Written by Kevin Webb

Below you will find all of the details you will need regarding Marine Combat Training (MCT) family day and graduation.

MCT Family Day & Liberty

Visitors will need to provide the following for access to New River Air Station / Camp Geiger:
• Valid Drivers License
• Current Vehicle Registration
• Proof of Insurance
• Student Liberty hours are 3:30pm to 8:00pm on the Monday Prior to Graduation (TD-27)
• Students who are expecting visitors will meet with their visitors in Bldg TC-1005,the Camp Geiger Recreation Center
• Students are limited to Base Liberty Only and can not leave New River Air Station.

MCT Graduation Information

Visitors will need to provide the following for access to New River Air Staion / Camp Geiger:
• Valid Drivers License
• Currnet Vehicle Registration
• Proof of Insurance
• All Graduations will be held at the Camp Geiger Gym

MCT Graduation Schedule

7:45am – 8:30am Parents and Visitors are encouraged to meet with the Marine Combat Training Battalion Commander and Sergeant Major for a Parent’s Orientation at the Camp Geiger Recreation Center loacted at the building TC-1005 (map located at the bottom of the page).

8:30am-9:10am Students will be allowed to take their parents/visitors on a tour of the static display area located at the Camp Geiger Fitness Center. Here parents/visitors can learn about the gear and equipment that their Marines have spent the last few weeks learning.

9:10am Students re-join their company for final instructions prior to graduation.

9:30am Marine Combat Training Graduation Ceremony commences.

Departure From MCT

Each Marine’s schedule is different based on his/her follow on MOS School. Your Marine may or may not be able to meet with parents/visitors after the Graduation Ceremony.
In the event that your Marine will have time to meet with parents/visitors, the parent/visitor should follow the unit to their Company area.

Please keep in mind that the Marines still have to do the following for transportation and boarding:
• Change into appropriate travel attire for their destination
• Retrieve luggage
• Stage their luggage for transportation
• Ensure their area is clean
• Only after all of these things are complete and if time permits will the Marines be allowed to visit with parents/visitors.

2011 MCT Graduation Dates (pdf)

Camp Geiger Map (pdf)

MCT Hotels (pdf)

MCT Restaurants (pdf)

Directions to MCT (pdf)

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  • Thank you for all the useful information. You have no idea the peace of mind it provides knowing what is going on with our new Marines. It makes me feel very connected to my nephew even though he is miles and miles away. God Bless you for your thoughtfulness toward those of us here at home and, even more so, my He Bless You and Keep You from harm’s way in your service to our country.


  • This is kind of a far fetched question but would any of the marines in training at MCT have been involved in the Ft Bragg accident? My son is in India company. I don’t know what regiment. He is due to graduate 22 March 2011. I called Ft Womack hospital and asked and he is not there. They had brought 8 marines there for shrap metal wounds and the other two to UNC Chapel Hill Hospital. I told my wife they would call immediatly if something had happened to him. I am a retired Master Chief 23 years of service. I wanted to thank-you for your service Kevin.
    Semper Fi!

    • Good Evening Mr. Hartig,

      It is extremely unlikely that your Marine was involved in the Ft. Bragg incident. Marines at MCT never even see a live artillery canon. If he was at SOI, there would be a mor elikely chance, but none of their SOI or MCT training is conducted at Ft. Brag.

      Also, the Red Cross would have notified you as soon as the identity of the Marines was found out.

      I would assess that you can rest at ease. Your son should be just fine. With the graduation date you’ve provided, he is most likely getting ready to start the BSRE portion of MCT.

      It is my pleasure to serve, and I thank you as well for your long service.

      Semper Fi!


  • Thanks Kevin, you are a great person and marine. Bravo Zulu to you and your wife.Thanks for all the guidance you have provided to so marine families.

  • Good morning Kevin, I am hoping you can explain something for me. I received a text message from my nephew who just completed MCT yesterday and will be graduating tomorrow (3/22). In his text he said he got 100s on all his tests; shot 10 out of 10 and was recognized by his company commander and captain….he got meritorious mast…………..what does that mean in marine language? Thank you in advance for your time.


    • Theresa – Congratulations to him! Meritorious Mast is an appreciation or a certificate of commendation. It’s not a promotion, but nonetheless it is beneficial to have on his record.

  • Son grads from Boot camp Apr 8th. 10 days leave then MCT. In the 5800 field. Will he be able to POV to the school that you know? Good website for info. I did not go thru MCT . Did all at Parris Island then OJT @ Lejune for 1345
    Thanks for any help!
    Semper Fi
    Rich Holliday
    SGT. 73-77

  • I would like to know if the Marines need to give the names in advance of those going to visitors day, because my best friend is currently in MCT and we wanted to surprise him on visitors day but we would also like to get in if we have to drive the 13 hours to see him.

  • Hi Kevin,
    My husband is in MCT right now and he piked up May 3rd. I know that Family Day and Graduation Day is Memorial Day and the 31st, but im curious to know whether you need a pass or not to enter the base? We had a Alpha Co Green Paper on the windshield of the car for family day and graduation for boot camp but not sure if it’s needed for MCT as well. Or do I just need my drivers license, proof of insurance, ect.

    Thank You

  • My son graduates MCT July 12th..but we are going over for the few hours of liberty to see him. I see Liberty is from 3:30 to 8 Pm ..So what time should we arrive at the base? Is there usually a lot of traffic going in?

  • So what time does family day start? About how much time will I be able to spend with my marine on family day and graduation?

  • So what time does family day start? (what to what) How much time will I be able to spend with my marine on family day and graduation?

  • We just attended Family Day for my son on July 11-12th. We we’re able to spend like 4and a half to 5 hours with him on Family Day It started around 3PM and ended at 8PM. On Graduation Day..We we’re told we we’re only gonna get to spend like 45 minutes with him..and it ended up being a few hours..And then he was off to 29 palms..We drove from Atlanta, Georgia..and I truly feel the few hours we did get with him were well worth it.. 🙂

  • I have a son at MCT/ Camp Pendelton and he is due to graduate on the 16th of August, 2011. I have called several numbers on the base and can not get any info about the graduation. I am sincerely hoping that you can give me some info mostly do they have a family day on monday? and what time is the graduation ceremony. I am told by EVERYONE that it is a small ceremony it is like why am I bothering going, but I want to support my son and would like to see him before he goes off for who knows how long. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dear Kevin,

    My son is to start MCT training on Nov. 15 at Camp Lejune. During the crucible, he hurt is shoulder and cannot use his arm presently. He was told that he has to still go and stay in medical holding for 4-6 weeks. He is under doctors care here, so i dont understand why he has to go and just “sit” for 4-6 weeks. He was in Hotel company during bootcamp. Does this mean he will have to wait until Hotel Co. starts MCT training in December? I am really confused about what is going on. At first my son was told he would be on RA until he had an MRI and therapy then report to MCT. Last night he was told differently…go now. Could you please give me some insight on what is going on?


    • Laurie,

      Congratulations on your new Marine!

      They want to keep him there for two reasons.

      1) So that he can fully recover (properly)

      2) If he ends up not reporting there, then he will have to get orders for something new, which isn’t easy to do when you’re injured.

      The good news is that he will be getting paid still, so he will be able to save up some money.

      You do NOT have to join the same company at MCT as you were in boot camp. I was Alpha in boot camp and Hotel at MCT.

      Sorry for the obstacles, but stick by his side.

      Kevin Webb

  • trying to figure out graduation my son had to be there by november 8th heard only one by phone a day after he got ther thats it? will he graduate on December 6th? Im so confused thought I would hear from him more .

  • I would like to be there for graduation on 15 March 13 but wondering about the time as we did enjoy the graduation from PI. Is it the same type? Have read somewhere that we wouldn’t have the same time with our graduate and they have to get on the bus for their assigned PDS?

    • You’re allowed to write during MCT, but you will have far less time to do it, than when you were in Boot Camp, and most of your free time will be spent prepping for the next day or sleeping.

      Sgt Webb

  • I was wondering if my husband is at MCT training then graduates and is stationed at the same base for MOS schooling. Does his family get base housing or how does that work? Also will he get to leave the base after he gets at MOS?

  • Hi Kevin,

    My son just went into MCT last week. Will he get to call for graduation and Family day info? He was to get a call home during Boot Camp in San Diego, but we live only about an hour away, he had to stand and watch the platoon stuff and didnt get to call home cause he was a “local”. Will everyone get to call home before graduation.

  • Hello Sgt. Webb,

    I plan on surprising my best friend on visitors day and graduation day alike for MCT, the only issue is of him knowing to meet me! I understand there is little to no time at all to write, and phones are locked up until liberty is given. I don’t believe he is expecting me to be there, so does that mean he won’t be by building G550? Rather, will he be given liberty Sunday May 12th for calls?
    I’m catching a red eye from New York so I will probably get to base pretty early (Camp Lejeune students meet at Camp Geiger?). I hope I will have time to somehow reach him!
    Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time

    Confused but terribly excited,

  • I will be coming with my younger daughter, Jamie, to attend PFC Emily Carney’s graduation. We will be coming on Monday in hopes to visit with her for several hours. How can we find out if she may have a day of leave after graduation.

  • PFC Carney’s graduation is set for Tuesday, August 27th. She will be attending MOS at Camp LeJuene. Will she have one or two days of leave between the two segments?

  • Can someone please help me find out what the dates are for our son’s graduation from compat training. He is in India company Class 29-13 MCT BN SOI E MCB, Camp Geiger he went in 9/16 but his class started 9/24. I have checked every web site I could find with no luck. His recruiter thinks its 10/22/13. Thank you in advance for your help on this. Gail Carwile

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