Playbook: Redefine Marriage, Undermine Christianity, Dismantle Society

Written by Kevin Webb

In the beginning, God made Adam and Eve. It was the first marriage; a biological and spiritual union between man and woman, and it was one of the first institutions that God established (Genesis 1:27, 2:22). This establishment, that was passed into virtually every culture and religion since the history of civilized man, now hangs by a thread in the United States, just as it once did in England; a defining moment in history that drove America’s early settlers from England to the New World.

It appears that the history of England and Rome is set to repeat itself.

If the Supreme Court decides to redefine marriage under the pressure of trivial cultural fits, and opens the door for gay marriage at the federal level, what will that mean for churches, religious organizations, and businesses who oppose altering the definition of marriage? Will that make all of those institutions unconstitutional? Will it open the doors to legislate God? Will their religious freedom come with new regulations? Even at the surface, think of how the media will then treat people that continue to disagree with homosexuality – the comparisons of the black civil rights movements will grow louder; as if race and sexual choices are in any way related. We’ve already seen the attempted infringement of religious rights on the Catholic church in regards to mandatory contraceptives, as well as with Christian-owned business like Hobby Lobby. How will the government infringe next?

The political and cultural war to remove God from everyday life has a deep purpose. And I don’t use the word “war” lightly. As long as even the idea of God exists, then there also exists a moral structure greater than government – a moral structure that, until recently, has separated good and evil and has drawn clearly defined lines for society. Removing that structure, or ‘proving’ God illegitimate through government-run education, cultural wars, and Supreme Court hearings, would completely remove the ability to defend God’s natural law – leaving the parameters of morality in the hands of not just government, but of man.

Evil would then have free reign, and Government would be the ultimate establishment of moral and societal power. Look at the decreasing roles that the family now plays, while the government’s role in our children’s lives increases. We have handed over every sector of our lives to the government, from marriage and education, to energy and agriculture. We have given up more of our hard worked for money while simultaneously giving up more of our time to work second jobs or longer hours. Some states have even given up their freedom to eat and drink as they so please. The only thing we have left is religion, family, and our guns.

That is all about to change.

The progressive left hates Christianity. Absolutely hates it. Watch any of the popular leftist media outlets, and you will hear a trending tone of contemptuous remarks and segments geared at demonizing the Christian faith or people that hold traditional values. Because of this, the progressive movement has set its target on one of the fundamental values of the Christian faith – marriage.

Hi-Jacking Education

For years we’ve watched the theory of evolution being taught so strongly in our government-run schools that kids may even think their teachers witnessed evolutionary creation first-hand. Though science has still not provided conclusive evidence for our existence, we continue to only offer up one possible scenario – that it was not intelligent design through a divine creator. Almost any other discussion is welcome at the table, just not God. The very mention of the creation story (or theory) has led to suspended and even fired teachers and university professors not just in America, but around the world. Herein lies the issue. Gay marriage is not science either. There is zero physical or biological compatibility between two people of the same sex, yet the normalcy of homosexuality and gay marriage is being taught, not only in our science classrooms, but also in our history, sociology, and literature classrooms. This is ironic when you consider the fact that Jesus, the Bible, or the story of creation have been practically banned from all of the previously mentioned public school subjects. Hear me. The Bible, the number one selling history book of all time in the entire world, has no place in our school system – not even under the guise of historical context.

What if that statement simply said “The number one selling history book of all time in the entire world, has no place in our school system – not even under the guise of historical context.” To add to the irony, we promote the reading of the Holy Bible in prisons and jails around the United States, but we have shunned it during a person’s critical development stages.

We have allowed for progressive ideologues to remove the idea of God from education, to promote sexuality at younger ages, to normalize homosexuality, and to endorse organizations like Planned Parenthood, which does to undermine and rip families apart than it does to hold them together, and then we wonder why family values are dissolving. We wonder why there are over 19 million new sexual transmitted diseases reported each year – with the percentage of those in the homosexual community growing at alarming rates.

Planned Parenthood is the most successful racist scam in the history of the world – established by a racists eugenicist named Margaret Sanger, and endorsed primarily by Deomcrats. Our government and our public schools endorse this, and promote the lifestyle that leads to requiring their services later in life. Planned Parenthood makes millions in profit each year from legalized, structured eugenics, and a culture enslaved through the government’s extortion of those drowning in poverty. This program is endorsed by our government, yet Bibles that teach responsibility, sexual morality, and true love… are not allowed in schools.

Why are we confused when mentally insane people shoot up schools? Our society has created the abyss of gray space from what was once black and white – right and wrong. We promote confusion in every aspect of life.

We preach to kids to do their best and work hard, and then we establish laws that reward everybody equally.

We teach them how to have sex in first grade, and then question why sexual transmitted diseases are growing out of control.

We teach them entrepreneurship and innovation, and then chastise capitalism when they succeed.

We used to teach our kids proper gender roles, until one day we decided that people should be allowed to choose their own gender.

Promote confusion, redefine marriage, undermine Christianity, and dismantle society. Once that occurs, we will have no choice but to rely on government for everything just as Rome did before its fall.

Hi-Jacking Marriage & Redefining The Family Unit

Marriage is a religious tradition, and by most counts, homosexuals are not religious types. So then why such a fight over marriage being granted to homosexuals?

There are several sides to this debate. One side claims to just want ‘equal rights.’ They seek to be eligible for the same tax breaks and insurance perks as married couples. To be fair, this is a legitimate argument, but we see ‘unequal rights’ happen on a daily basis. The rich a much higher, absolutely unequal tax rate, employees that haven’t met the education requirements of a position often get paid less. In the same manner, marriage is defined by certain conditions and requirements, and being of the opposite sex has, since the history of civilized man, has been the sole requirement for marriage. Yet, here we are trying to redefine it for political gain.

Another side of the argument, which includes the majority of the homosexuals that I know personally, have never really cared about ‘equal rights,’ they just want to stay under the radar and live their lives. The polar opposite to this are the groups of obnoxious people that capture the majority of the media spotlight dancing in parades, wearing leather costumes, and are showing up every chance they get flaunting their deviant lifestyle.

If the fight for gays to be able to ‘get married’ is simply about legal rights, then the answer is to abolish any and all legal ‘rights’ that married couples get. Personally, I don’t want government involved in marriage at all. Take the politics out and let it remain a religious tradition. But that can’t be what it’s about, otherwise, the option I just mentioned would be on the table. And anyone that tries to argue that handing over ‘equal rights’ will settle the debate surrounding gay marriage is simply being intellectually dishonest about the full agenda.

Marriage has been hi-jacked, taken hostage. It was identified by liberal progressives as the perfect vehicle for dismantling the family unit while simultaneously attacking Judeo-Christian values. Progressives thrive on twisted ways to destroy, not just traditional life, but life in general. Abortion, gay marriage, poverty, high taxes, promoting sexual deviancy, and removing or undermining any aspect of faith or Christianity in culture are elements that lead their agenda.

We’ve seen this same agenda carried out regarding Christian holidays. For years we’ve used the term Christmas Tree with no problems, and companies large and small, Christian and non-Christian, have wished people a Merry Christmas. In the last decade, a business that promoted the holiday using the word “Christmas” will get ostracized, lawsuits will be filed, and organizations will launch multi-million dollar boycotts.

Do you really think this is simply an effort to separate the church from the state or promote ‘equal marital rights?’ Of course not, it’s to undermine Christianity and dismantle society. This is a major step in creating full government ownership in our lives and it falls in line with every other once-successful nation that has since seen collapse.

America is the new Rome.

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