Glock 26 Gen4 Review

Written by Kevin Webb

Glock 26 Review (With Video & Photos)

This is one of the best Glock 26 reviews on the web, and it is also one of the most viewed. This Glock 26 review spotlights the changes in the new Glock 26 Gen4 model, and goes into detail some of the pros and cons of using this pistol as your primary concealed carry option. The written review is proceeded by a video review, a detailed photo gallery, and the Glock 26 Gen4 specs. The photos below are of my personal Glock 26 Gen 4. I’ve added a Hogue grip, +2 extensions on 2 of the 3 magazines, and Tru Glow Fiber Optic Tritium Night Sights. It stays loaded and chambered with Winchester Ranger STX ammunition.

In this review, I will also discuss why I think the Glock 26 is the best 9mm concealed carry pistol. I look forward to your feedback, experiences, and even your disagreements 🙂

Glock 26 Video Review

Glock 26 Gen4 Review Photos

Glock 26 (Gen 4) Specifications

Price: $495
Model: Glock 26 Gen4
Caliber: 9mm • 9×19
Type: Sub-Compact
Action: Single Action
Trigger Weight: 5.5 lbs.
Trigger Pull Travel: .5 in
Magazine Capacity: 10 rd.(Factory), 12 rd., 15 rd., 17 rd., 33 rd.
Total Length: 6.3 in
Barrel Length: 3.46 in
Width: 1.18 in
Height: 4.17 in
Weight: 19.75 oz
Weight W/ Magazine: 21 oz
Weight W/ Loaded Magazine: 26.98 oz

What’s New to the Gen 4 Glock 26?

The Glock 26 Gen 4, and other Glock Gen 4 models have gone through some major changes for their newest model release. You can compare the differences by checking out my Gen3 Glock 17 review. The Gen4 Glocks have also addressed some of the issues that were discussed in my video and article regarding the best Glock upgrades. I have to say… Glock has hit the nail on the head with every change they’ve made in the Gen4 pistols, offering great solutions for the very small obstacles that existed with their previous models. Glock has done the most important thing that a company can do… they listened to their consumers. Let’s take a look at some of the new features that can be found on Gen 4 Glocks.

3 Factory Magazines
The new Glock 26 Gen 4 comes with 3 factory magazines; Gen 3 Glocks only came with two magazines. With Glock magazines going for $25-$30 each, you would expect the retail price of the Gen 4 Glocks to increase, but that’s not the case. The price on the Glock 26 Gen 4 has remained the same. The additional magazine is an outstanding selling point for new Glocks, especially in light of many of the higher end pistol manufacturers offering a stingy one magazine. My Sig P238 ($549) only came with one mag, and additional mags cost $46 each. Good job on this one Glock!

Multiple Backstrap Options
One of the gaps that Glock filled in reaching its customers was the reduction of the main back-strap, with additional back-straps that can be added to beef up the frame. Many potential customers (especially females) walked away from the Glock due to its large frame and grip. It simply wasn’t comfortable for those with smaller hands. Glock has taken steps to fix that problem by providing three back-strap options. The additional back-straps are easily installed; they clip on, and are then fastened using a pin. With no back-strap installed, the frame and grip of the Glock 26 is now smaller. Installing the small back-strap piece brings the Glock’s frame to it’s normal size of the Gen 3 Glock. Adding the larger back-strap will now increase the frame size for those with extra-large hands.

More Stippling
Stippling is simply the textured small checkered squares printed into the polymer frame, typically on areas where the hand will contact the firearm. Gen 1 Glocks had nearly no stippling, which left the gun very ‘slippery.’ Stippling was gradually added over each Glock generation thereafter, and Glock didn’t stop with their new models. They’ve added a new, higher grip stippling around the entire pistol grip, and there is also horizontal line stippling on the front of the trigger and trigger guard.

Large Magazine Release
This is another great example of Glock listening to its consumers, and dedicated Glock owners. The last three generations of Glock models had very small, low-profile magazine releases. This low-profile design is great for concealed carry, but not ideal for reloading situations as the shooter is required to move his shooting grip on the pistol in order to reach the release. Almost every Glock I have ever seen has had the custom extended magazine release installed after purchase. The Gen 4 Glocks have fixed this by nearly doubling the surface area of the magazine release. It still has a low-profile design, but the expanded surface area allows for the release to be pressed without changing grips.

Slide Finish
The slide finish on the Gen 4 Glocks appears to be more of a gray matte, rather than the shiny black parkerized tenifer finish of the Gen 3 Glocks. The new gray matte finish offers both PROS and CONS. The matte finish seems to be less durable, and slightly more difficult to clean, but it does offer more in terms of grip and easier maneuvering of the slide. If I had to choose, I think I would have kept the Gen 3 finish, but it may have been the expense cut that allowed them to provide a third magazine and multiple back-strap attachments. At first I thought that maybe they left the protective Tenifer coating off, but from what I have read, that’s not the case… it’s just a different finish.

The Gen 4 Glocks have been stamped after the model name, which now reads 26 Gen4.

Is Glock 26 the Best 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol?

I’ve already given my reasons for why I think that the Sig P238 is the best concealed carry micro pistol on the market – mainly due to its size, reliability, design, and light weight. However, when it comes specifically to 9mm pistols, the Glock 26 (also called the “Baby Glock”) wins hands down, despite some of the inconveniences that it offers in regards to weight and size.

Some of the key factors we’ll discuss in why I believe the Glock 26 is the best 9mm concealed carry pistol are reliability, history of service, price, size, flexibility with its full-size big brothers, ease of use, magazine capacity, and its Safe Action System.

Glock 26 PROS

It’s a Glock
Glock’s reputation of perfection has lived up to its motto, and has removed any skepticism in regards to quality and reliability. Glock has been put through more rigorous torture tests than any other pistol on the market, and it has come out of every single one of them without problems. If there’s still any doubt, then ask yourself why nearly every law enforcement department in the U.S. issues Glocks to its officers. Glock is not a pistol built with bells and whistles… just perfection.

It’s Reliable
Glock is built using a more simple design than any other semi-automatic pistol, and it’s reliability has been compared to that of a revolver due to its minimal parts and simple functionality.

Easy to Use & Offers a State-of-the-Art Safety System
No safety switches, ticker buttons, do-hickees, or whatchamacallits, just a cutting-edge 3-point safety system that utilizes a trigger safety, a drop safety and a striker pin safety, which are all spontaneously disengaged when the trigger is squeezed. There’s no thinking if this gun must be summoned for duty… just point and pull the trigger.

High Magazine Capacity & Interchangeable Flexibility.
A lot of Glock owners own more than one Glock. It makes sense. Glock mags are interchangeable within the same caliber, and within the proper model. A full-size Glock 17’s magazines can be used in the Glock 17, 18c, 19, 26, and 34. Even the sub-compact Glock 26 can be loaded with a 33 rd. magazine.

The Price is Right
New Glocks sell for as low as $475 to civilians, and because of the new Glock Blue Label Program, active military and law enforcement can now purchase Glocks as low as $399.

There are a ton of custom options for Glocks.

Glock 26 CONS

Matte Tenifer Finish
When it comes to the Gen 4 Glocks, I will admit that I miss the shiny tenifer finish found on the Gen 3 Glocks. It was easier to clean and it seemed lest prone to scratches (though I haven’t tried to scratch my finish yet). I just preferred the way it looked as well. Personal preference. My guess is that the removal of the shiny coated tenifer finish allowed Glock to provide the additions offered in the Gen 4 Glocks like the additional back-straps, a third magazine, and the development of the larger magazine release. The benefit to the matte finish is that the slide is much easier to grip when racking the slide.

It’s Wide
All Glock models share the double-stacked magazine which by design makes the gun thicker. The wider design can make the Glock 26 less convenient to carry in comparison to some of the “pocket” sub-compact carry pistols.

It’s Heavy
This is a CON for me when it comes to carry pistols. It’s not terrible heavy, but again, I’m comparing it to the other sub-compact pistols on the market.

Other 9mm Concealed Carry Contenders

Khar PM9
Kel-Tec PF-9
H&K P2000
S&W M&P 9mm

About the author

Kevin Webb


  • I love my Gen 4 26. I also use Ranger STX ammo, but in the 124gr. weight because I like the +p versus the +p+, which comes in 127gr.
    The new grip profile is not much different, but what little the changed made a big difference. The Gen 3, which I also owned, was a fairly good fit for me, although it wasnt quite perfect. The size of the palm swell caused the web of my hand (area between my thumb and forefinger) to have incomplete contact with the backstrap, making my grip a little less effective in contolling recoil and bringing my sights back on target in rapid fire. The Gen 4 fixed this problem by reducing the palm swell just enough to complete my grip.
    Call me GoldiLocks, ’cause this one is just right!

  • Simply put, these guns go and go and go! I have tried to ” over use” mine, just eats ammo –

    I have run the gen 3 and plan to try a gen 4 soon. Good review.

    Lastly, Glocks are simple, smithing one in simple terms is well simple. A gun that You can understand and repair/strip to the elemental parts is a true thing of beauty, try that with a fancy H&K or a Walter and you will end up with a bag of parts and a tripnto the gun shop!

  • Please let me know how this gen4 cycles, I am hearing that some are having problems with ball ammo target rounds. I think if that’s the case, recoil spring change may be the fix. What would be a deal killer is if the rear rails are low causing a bind, as we heard some 30sf’s did.
    I would have never changed a part that worked.

    • @Darrell – I put 200 rounds through my Glock new out of the box my first time taking it to the range. I did not have a single failure, mis-feed, stove pipe, or jam. The first 100 rounds were Winchester ball ammo target rounds. The second 100 rounds were some cheap crap rounds that I bought at a gun show 3 years ago. They were wrapped in brown paper and had dark green casings. I was surprised to find that they didn’t cause any troubles either.

      I was surprised to find that it shot just as accurate as my Glock 17 too. I was expecting less accurate results at the 25 yard range.

      I will be doing some more shooting next weekend, and I’ll report back with any issues that I have.

  • Kevin, thanks. I plan to get one soon, going to have it c-ported over at rockyourglock, putting a pull comp trigger(my own) and all the bell and will get rid of the oversized mag release, have it ready for next Feb when I have to qualify again.

  • ” the Gen 4 Glocks appears to be more of a gray matte, rather than the shiny black parkerized tenifer finish of the Gen 3 Glocks”

    The Tennifer process has not changed. It is not the finish you see on the slide or barrel, it is surface treatment done before the finish is applied. The new Gen4 (and Gen3s) have a less slick, and slightly more grey finish that feels similar to parkerizing and does grip better….this current finish is actually close in color and feel to the Gen2 Glocks.

  • Not liking this trigger! The trigger bar hump is covered with what look like melted plastic, I will just throw it away, put a Gen 3 in it. The trigger is TOO heavy! I have changed the striker spring, added. nY1 trigger, getting better. I will add a 3.5 LW connector later this week. The problem is the connector in the new SF type housing has the connector up enough that it changes the angle, you get a crisp but heavy break, some may like this. I hope that I end up with a Crisp but lighter break. I will let you know.

    I love the frame, it is a super upgrade.

  • hi, this is very nice gun and i relay like this for my selfdefence
    i need this who to possible ? i wana buy Glock 26 in Lahore Pakistan

  • I own 2 Glocks but don’t have a positive view of them for realistic concealed carry. I live in coastal South Carolina where it is hot 8 months of the year. A small flat 9mm is a must here. I tried carrying the 26 but it is too fat and the grip is too short. There are several other very reliable CCW pistols out there. I own a Kahr PM9, Ruger LC9 and my favorite flattest and lightest 9mm KelTec PF9. I’ve never experienced a failure with it. It is fitted with a trigger stop. The hammer is carbide scribed at break point and the gun is fitted with a CT triggerguard Laser. If and when Glock makes an 8 shot .9 inch thick very small 8 shot 9mm I might switch.

  • I carry a sig p226 on duty and have carried a glock 26 for several years. I love them for off duty carry. I live in south Texas and have always pocket carreid my glock 26. I just bought a new Glock 26 gen 4, i must say it is a major inprovement over the gen 3. I dont know why but it shoots way better. I can shoot at 15 and 25 yards better with the gen 4 Glock 26 than i do with my Gen 3 26 or 22. I was supprised. I dont know why but i am happy with it.

    • James Miller

      I have had the same results when it comes to shooting the Glock 26 Gen 4. I can shoot better groups with the factory 26 Gen 4 than I can with my G17 that is fairly customized and has a lighter trigger pull.

      Kevin Webb

  • Thanks for the review. Guns in my county are priced really high. I plan on getting a Glock 26. The ones commonly available are the generation 3 USA which sells for 900US$, some one is selling me a generation 4 Glock 26 made in austria for 1500us$. Are the improvements in generation 4 worth paying 1500$ or should I just get the generation 3 Glock 26?

  • I was just wondering where I could find one for $495. Everywhere I have checked it is going for more like $575. I usually get my guns from AAFES BX and they usually have good prices but they wanted $573. Can you help me find a cheaper one. I am looking to buy one when I get back from the desert. Thanks.

  • Glock is no longer using tenifer coating on the metal parts of the gun. Glock is now using a gas nitride process to coat their guns.

  • Kevin,

    Thank you for the excellent review. Articulate, objective, good camera work on the video–helped me a lot in deciding whether to purchase a Glock 26. Keep up the good work. Semper Fi!

  • Good review. I’ve been looking for a compact firearm and had narrowed the contestants down to the Beretta Nano, Walther PPS, and Glock 26. While most of the reviews of the Beretta and Walther have been positive, both seem to have an occasional reoccurring problem, so even though the Glock is a bit of a fatty, I think I’ll stick with what I trust (I currently own a gen. 3 model 21).

    I do find it strange that 53 people have voted that they don’t like any of the new gen. 4 features. If it will make them happy, they can send those bothersome extra magazines to me.

  • Im from Phil. i think Eric is from Phil to, basing on the price he is quoting.

    i had a glock 23 austria gen 3, and works fine. im able to shoot 10 shots at 40 meters on an ipsc target with about 30% hitting “A” zone, and the rest in “B” zone, using a cheap range provided reload with a lead slug. so far for 600 rounds of shots, i never experienced a jam or stove pipe.

    I just bought a new glock26 USA gen 4, on sale for 900USD (not including the license fee of about 90 USD and expenses for the document requirements of about 70 USD) with the election and comelec gun ban, the gun will be released after 2 months.

    in eagerness i also bought a tokyo marui airsoft g26, so that i can practice the handling, quick draw, multiple target shifting, in my own backyard anytime. though the kick wouldnt be the same, but i want to develop the muscle memory in quick draw and multiple target shifting.

    ive read in wkipedia about the tennifer finish, which is the same as melonite and other finishes used in several USA made guns, and I rely on that info, so i dont worry much about the finish.

    The glocks sold in Phil are expensive and only have 2 mags with it, so maybe the stores are selling the other 1 separately for their profit (just an assumption).

    In Phil, US made glocks are about USD 1000, and the Austrian made USD 1400 (regardless if it is gen 3 or gen 4, it is not the generation, but the made the makes the difference), so it is then assumed that a person having an austrian made glock is more elite than the one having a US made. with that, then it means im elite with my cal 40 and not elite with my cal 9mm, basing on the made of the gun, but i dont bother with that, im more concerned of being elite in my capability in using the both, than its make.

    know your gun, know your bullet, know your capability. The road to real Glock perfection. IMO.

  • I’m actually thinking of purchasing a Glock 26 Gen4 but I’d like to know where you found a price of $475 as the cheapest I’ve found it was around $564. I’m not sure if this is due to the demand in my area but I certainly would love to find one at the lower price.

  • Im from the philippines and planning to buy a glock26gen4 usa…can anyone advice me if its reliable?.austria made is very expensive..

  • I just got this gun. I must have very weak hands as I can not pull the slide back. Are all flocks this stiff? I use a ruger sr 22 with no problem.

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