The Best Glock Upgrades Review

Written by Kevin Webb

The Best Glock Upgrades Video Review

The Glock

The GLOCK pistol is the most popular pistol in the world, and it is the firearm of choice for more than 65% of all law enforcement officers in the United States. The GLOCK pistol has shot it’s way to popularity by offering the most durable, reliable pistol on the market for the money. In short, the GLOCK is the best valued pistol you can buy.

GLOCK’s innovative design has made it the most durable, reliable pistol on the market due to its Safe Action® system that is manufactured with only 34 component parts, which is far less parts than GLOCK’s competition. The less moving parts, the less chance there is for failure or malfunction.

While GLOCK is the best valued pistol on the market right now, there are still some very reasonable upgrades and accessories that can be added at very little cost. These GLOCK upgrades are recommended primarily intended for GLOCKs used as home self-defense firearms and target shooting. They are not necessarily recommended if you plan to use your GLOCK as a concealed carry weapon.

The Best Glock Upgrades

best-glock-upgrade-3.5-trigger-connector3.5 Lbs Trigger Connector ($25)
The GLOCK standard trigger out of the factory is 5.5 lbs, which is still a great trigger weight, but why not knock 2 additional pounds off the weight? Adding GLOCK’s 3.5 lbs trigger will reduce the amount of squeeze required for firing the pistol. The 3.5 lbs GLOCK Trigger Connector can be purchased for around $25.

glock-upgrade-stainless-guide-rodStainless Steel Guide Rod ($30)
The failures that occur in GLOCK pistols are far and few between, but one recommended GLOCK upgrade that might make you a little more confident in your GLOCK’s reliability, is a stainless steel guide rod. The guide rod on the GLOCK is probably the part that gets the most active abuse, being that it captures the energy of the slide movement when the pistol is fired. This part from the factory is made of polymer (plastic), and even though the possibility of it breaking is not likely, it is possible, and has happened. Replacing your factory guide rod on your GLOCK with a stainless or Tungsten guide rod will also help reduce recoil and muzzle jump.

glock-upgrade-tru-glo-night-sitesNight Sites ($80)
Personally, there is no reason to not have night sites on every single self-defense pistol you own. Night sites on your GLOCK is a must have, and there are hundreds of options to choose from. My favorite GLOCK night sites are made by Tru Glo. TruGlo’s TFO Tritium & Fiber Optic night sites are the brightest day and night sites on the market. They offer excellent transition through all light conditions, CNC machined steel construction, green front and rear, concealed fiber cannot be seen by target, fits standard holsters, and they have a snag-resistant design.

glock-upgrade-extended-slide-releaseExtended Slide Release / Slide Stop Lever ($11)
Both the magazine release and the slide release that comes factory on the GLOCK are designed to be low profile. Because of the low profile design, functioning them quickly and smoothly can be difficult for some people. The benefit of the low profile design is that the slide release will not catch or snag as easily on foreign objects, which is why I suggested in the beginning of this post that these upgrades are not necessarily for concealed carry. However, by adding the extended mag release on the GLOCK, the user can easily lock and release the slide with very little effort.

glock-upgrade-extended-mag-releaseExtended Mag Release ($6)
The same principles carry over to the magazine release for the Gen 3 and below models. To find out more about the Gen4 models, check out my Glock 26 Gen4 Review. In a self-defense situation, it’s not likely that you’ll be needing to reload a new magazine into your GLOCK. If you can’t get the job done in the first round or two, then you probably shouldn’t be carrying a firearm, or you’re in a much worse situation than one can plan for. The factory magazine release on the GLOCK is also low profile, and most people find themselves having to readjust their grip position in order to navigate their thumb to the magazine release. This is not good. The last thing you ever want to have to do in a combat situation is to have to leave your combat-ready grip in order to reload your weapon. The extended magazine release solves this problem by exceeding from the gun by about 3 times the amount of the factory magazine release.

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Videos: 3.5 Lbs Trigger Connector

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Kevin Webb


  • Hey Webb the trigger connector mod looks interesting and I’m considering for my 19. Have you done this on any of your Glocks?

    • Mr. Massey,

      Yes, sir. I have all of these mods on my Glock 17. My Glock 26 does not have the trigger done because it’s my newer Glock. I’ve only gotten around to adding night sights to it. There are some really good instructional videos on YouTube that walk you through every step if you want to try to put it in yourself. With the right tools, Glocks are easy to disassemble.

      Kevin Webb

  • Hi there. Im new to glock i just got g17 two days ago and because of your videos i just want to start modifying it. Tks they help a lot and certaintly persuade me to buy. Keep it up,

  • Semper Fi Brother
    Good write-up. I’m considering an extended slide release for my carry weapon (G30) and while researching the possibility of snags I found you. All of your points are valid, but do you have any snag experiences from the extended slide release? The possibility definitely increases but how likely is it to snag? Specifically, I’m considering the Vickers release. Thanks

    • I would not worry about the extended slide release at all. It is a rounded finish and has no edges on it. I would be more concerned with the extended mag release, since it is basically a large plastic box sticking off of the firearm. The slide release is good to go for carry. You won’t have any issues with it whatsoever.


  • Sempre Fi marine thank you for your service. I just bought a G22 law enforcement trade in that has the white night sights already on it. While they are still in good shape I’m going to put the fiber optic kind that you have. The difference is really night and day. My question is do you think there is a better over all grip or is it more so which one feels better in my hand.

    • The best way to determine which grip you like is to do blind tests. Swap grips out or have somebody do it for you, and with eyes closed pick it up (unloaded) and try to determine which grip feel more natural. This is also the best way to adjust a rifle when shooting. Pick it up eyes closed, cheek to butt stock, butt stock to shoulder, and then open your eyes and adjust sites to how your body naturally holds the rifle.

      Kevin Webb

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