America’s Future: Gunless and Godless?

Written by Kevin Webb

The only thing worse than a gunless society, is a Godless society.

Today has been an emotional day. I was literally in the middle of making community runs supporting Toys for Tots with my wife, my son, and a church in N. Georgia when I heard the news of the deadly shooting that killed 20 young children. As a Marine who volunteered to do my part in protecting innocent Americans, there is no worse news than to hear of 20 children being killed in cold blood.

There is one phrase that I keep hearing on every news network regarding the shooting today.

Unspeakable evil.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. This level of evil leaves me speechless, and it has left a lot of people confused – it is beyond any normal human being to even contemplate such a hanus act. Unfortunately, this is the society that we’ve cultivated.

The counter to evil is good.

God is good.

Liberals, ‘progressive’ politicians, special interest groups, atheists, and people who hate even the idea of a divine power have spent their lifetimes to remove God from government. And because our government now controls more and more sectors of our society, the Godlessness has spilled over from government to society. This is the number one reason why small government is essential.

If God is not permitted in government, and government controls society, then God is no longer permitted in society.

Last week I heard the CEO of Atheists of America talk about how believing in God is dangerous and bad for society. It’s a political battle just to be able to say Christmas anymore. Church attendance is down, kids can no longer pray before high school football games, and the nation is clearly moving away from God, and many will claim that “life is getting better” because of this.

Is life really getting better?

Suicide is up, mass shootings is at its highest level ever, the economy continues to tank, business are having to shut up or shut down, and the family unit is being dismantled right before our very eyes.

Sure, there are several factors at play regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, but if we expect our current policies, ideologies, and laws that have worked so hard to suppress God in society to actually improve or change this course we are on as a nation… Then we, too, have lost our minds.

Evil will always exist in society – no policy or special interest group will remove it. It is here to stay. But our nation’s one real chance of combating evil is being removed right before our eyes.

We have legally reasoned away our one true hope at fighting and reducing evil.

That hope is God.

Not man.

Not policies and legislation.

Not government.

God, and God alone.

We have nurtured a society in which the abundance of the heart remains void. And we advocate it through legislation. You could destroy every gun in the world tomorrow, and murder would still exist. Evil would still remain.

We, as human beings, are in need of a savior. That is the problem. Less guns does not cure evil, and neither will more psychiatrists.

People need God.

I need God.

You need God.

Until we as a people – as Americans – understand that, we will continue to be shocked by how our world reacts in a Godless society.

We should not be shocked at how people act when they don’t know Christ. A Godless society is expected to act as such. Think about that.

There are 20 children that will never be held by their parents again. In the blink of an eye they became a memory, and that breaks my heart.

Let this be the wake up call for America. The Great Commission of Christ to reach all people should be heavy on the hearts of Christ-followers.

The time to reach lost souls is now.

Evil remains, and the next shooter, the next suicidal person, and the next broken heart may cross your path tomorrow. Are you prepared to deal with it?

We can no longer have the “somebody else” mentality. We are that somebody, and the battle against evil… the real change we need… it doesn’t start with gun control, or metal detectors.

It starts in our hearts.

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Kevin Webb

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  • The only problem with your premise is that libertarians also want God out of the government, and they believe that is part of a small government. I just got done touring half of America. A week after Christmas, Jesus is everywhere. From the Godless northeast, the godless urban Midwest (Illinois even!) to the God loving south. The only way you would know where you are is the amount of pro vs college jerseys on the crowds. Now if only He could be there the other 11 months of the year.

    The real problem is that our founders intended for the divine and earthly to enjoy protection from each other. Mail service was on Sunday , much to the chagrin of church leaders. Jefferson even passed a state wide amendment in Virginia that preceded the 1st Amendment he said applied to the Christian, “Hindoo” and Mohamedan equally. Why is this a problem? The architect of the Bill of Rights made the statement about the wall between church and state, but the “religious right” have tried to rewrite this history. The reality is America is becoming more diverse religiously, and as the “hindoo” asks for his seat at the table, we, the inheritors of Jefferson’s legacy, are forced to comply. Protestants are no longer a singular majority. They are the larger group, followed by Catholics and then… Atheists.

    Most atheists are under the age of 25, and I suspect many more sympathizers exist. The stigma of being atheist is clearly lost in much of the country. I suspect Jefferson himself would be fairly pleased. After constructing a Bible that took out all of Jesus’ miracles and being branded an “infidel” by his opposition, he probably is happy to see a country that can embrace a government without religious intervention.

    I guess the answer for how to get God back in society for those of us who believe He belongs becomes even harder. We have to move past the saying of “under God” in the pledge and actually do something. There is a song I hear in church. “They will know we are Christians by our love.” Anymore Christians are seen condemning the freedoms of others to be married by a judge while they openly welcome divorc├ęs, advocating violence to solve the problem of violence and spending more time worrying about who is getting a free ride then worrying about who is not being helped at all. Reverse those, and we might be able to win over a couple converts. Don’t, and you can keep blaming liberals to make yourself feel better.

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