Racism: Divide & Conquer

Written by Kevin Webb

It’s here. That moment in history where people from all corners of society, and from every cultural boundaries must swallow their pride, take a good look in the mirror, and face the fact that all of America’s so-called “experts” have failed us. Journalists, politicians, historians, religious leaders, scientists, and philosophers all share one major thing in common – they cannot fix the racial barrier that has seemingly grown thicker and taller in this new millennium.

The individualsĀ that do frequently offer up legitimate solutions are ignored or chastised, called Uncle Toms, and then figuratively assassinated before their message can advance. The individuals that do have theĀ attention of those involved are inciting, illogical, and irresponsible with their illusive message of racism. The rest of us are just sitting on our couch trying to figure out why or how the other side cannot comprehend our perspective, so out of frustration, we struggle to leave sarcasm and anger to the side in effort to engage in an honest, constructive debate.

This has to change.

Perpetuating Racial Deception

I would like to start off by saying that if Michael Brown was unjustly killed according to the law, then I would be right there in line letting my voice of opposition and disappointment be known, but he was not unjustly killed. There is no sane, sensible, logically thinking human being on earth that can look at the facts, eye witness testimonies, and forensic evidence that was presented and still think that Mike Brown was unjustly killed.

This situation was not a product of racism or brutality on the part of Darren Wilson. It is a situation that is a product of Democrat policies, broken families, and a dysfunctional culture.


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